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kurama kibune hike late may 2024/4/2 01:03
thinking of doing this on Saturday or Sunday May 25 or 26. Are over the river restaurants only open on weekends? Which direction is better/easier? It will be either our first or second full day in Kyoto (we are here for a week) and am trying to avoid the weekend crowds. How long will hike take?

Appreciate any suggestions and spots for lunch. Should we reserve please?
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Re: kurama kibune hike late may 2024/4/2 17:01
All Kawadoko of Kibune seems to be prohibited to use when it rains heavily, the water increases, and typhoon occurs. (Saturday and Sunday are also prohibited.)
So, depending on the weather conditions, you may have to eat indoors.
It seems better to make a reservation in advance.
Hiking should also be suspended on rainy days.
Please refer to this for hiking.
By the way, I went to Kurama-dera Temple, but I didn't hike.
Compared to central areas such as Shijo, I think there are fewer people.
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