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Confusion with "Tessaido" 2024/4/17 19:29
Could I please have some guidance? This is a long shot, I am aware

We have been to this "Tessai-do" a few times in the past, and this is the info from an earlier Lonely Planet Kyoto

"While exploring the lovely Nene-no-Michi lane in Higashiyama’s main sightseeing district, you might want to step into this fine little wood-block print shop, Tessaido
463 Shimokawara-chō, Higashiyama-ku"

However the most recent Lonely Planet Kyoto no longer mentions it

I have tried to Google it, and found this, and emailed them at
I was advised that they were "鉄斎堂 Tessai-do" at Shinmonzen st.Higashiooji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto
and not the "Tessaido" mentioned by LP

We would really like to return to the "Tessai-do" we know, but I am unsure if it is still there?

Would anyone happen to know?

Thank you

by AusTF  

Re: Confusion with ''Tessaido'' 2024/4/18 18:09
Dear AusTF,

I have done a quick research on google maps.
The shop you are looking for should be:
てっさい堂 高台寺店

If you use this name on googleMaps (copy/paste) it shows the shop.
BUT, the address, listed on the info section on google maps for this shop, guides you to a different place...

The last comment about this shop are from 3 months ago, so the shop should be already open, but you never know.

But I think you have somewhat "trial and error" if you are in Kyoto.

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Re: Confusion with ''Tessaido'' 2024/4/18 18:32
Thank you Vio
Not reading Kanji makes Google maps difficult for me.
We shall therefore just try our luck : it will be lovely walk however it turns out.

I am very grateful for your help.
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Re: Confusion with ''Tessaido'' 2024/4/20 09:24

They seem to have two locations, one with porcelain and the other with old scrolls and writings. One of them at least is at the address you mentioned.
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Re: Confusion with ''Tessaido'' 2024/4/20 17:07
Thank you SO much AK
The one we are after has the Ukiyo-e, so it would seem it is still there.

That is great.

Thanks again
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