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Where can I practice Kyudo in Yokohama? 2005/7/12 21:34
I will be coming to Yokohama in August and want to practice kyudo. Where is a kyudo dojo?
by Cathy O'Shea  

RE: 2005/7/15 03:04
Public Kyudojou in Yokohama

URL for translate Japanese into English

I'm no good with English. Sorry....
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Thanks 2005/7/15 06:07
Thankyou, a very good site. I am a beginner, which kyudo dojo would be best?
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RE: 2005/7/15 16:18
Classes for bigineers

I would recommend Tokiwa park Kyudoujou if this is the first time to Kyudou. It is in the park close by Yokohama National University.
Kanagawa prefectural Budoukan is a very wide and still place. I think it is the best place for the person who has got some experience.
Good luck.
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Kyudo lessons in Nagoya? 2007/8/13 20:22
I am actually staying at Nagoya University for three month (August, September, October) and I really would like to learn kyudo, too. Do you have an advice for kyudo lessons in Nagoya too?

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found the answer 2007/9/29 21:11
There are many sports centers in Nagoya that offer courses for beginners. Nagoya Internation Center (NIC) helps to find one.
I booked a beginners course at Nihon gaishi sports plaza (mid september - mid november, 4.500 yen for 10 times). There are some people who speak a little bit english. So I am getting along.

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How about in Tokyo? 2007/11/10 14:01
I am interested in picking up Kyudo, but are there lessons being offered in Tokyo? For those who have already started lessons in Japanese, are the classes difficult to understand? Thank you! ^^
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