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Exchange money 2005/7/24 03:45
Where is the best place to exchange money. I have been reading that the worst place to exchange money is on the airport. Are there some better option to exchange? Perhaps some banks or exchange offices? Do people from europe have problem with the japanese ATM's?

Thanks four your reaction!
by SieMO  

ATMs 2005/7/24 15:59

Most people should have no problem withdrawing cash from Post Office ATMs.
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Getting Cash... 2005/7/25 06:05
When I've been in Japan and need cash (Remember in God we trust, all others pay cash :)) I go to a Citibank ATM in Tokyo. Since I have a Citibank account here in the US, there's been no problem and the exchange rate is definitely spot-on!

Hope this helps...
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.. 2005/7/25 06:51
Most people don't recommend exchaning into Yen at your home airport, as exchange rates there tend to be smaller than at the airport when you arrive in Japan.
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exchange offices 2005/7/25 16:32
Are there any exchange offices where you can change money in Tokyo?

If you change money at the airport how much commision do you pay?

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Exchange Rate 2005/7/26 01:53
Can anyone tell me the current rate they received at Narita or from an atm in US dollars? Thanks
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.. 2005/7/26 04:27
Nartia Airport exchange rate, updated daily.

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.. 2005/7/26 08:05
Find a forigner living in Japan. If you do I be they will be glad to exchange money for you at a good rate. I know I would as I live here and I have a huge stash of USD.
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.. 2005/7/26 08:07
or jpy for that matter...let me know if you need an exchange.
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Depends 2007/10/29 21:34
Let me repeat, that unless you have USD, you are better off exchanging just about every OTHER currency outside of Japan!!!

The rates for USD are good in Japan, but bad for most others, including GBP, EUR, AUD, etc.
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Use ATMS in Japan for USD 2007/10/30 02:01
If you're from the US and have a VISA-stamped bank card, you're in luck, as VISA has just recently launched a major campaign and VISA-compatible ATMS are absolutely everywhere in Japan now.

VISA uses a somewhat fair exhange rate with a 2% fee, which is about the best you can get for USD to JPY.

If you're not from the US, nevermind. :)
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Visa 2007/10/31 04:15
I don't live in the USA and all my credit cards and my bank card work fine in Japan (as long as one look for machines that have the Cirrus or Plus logoes). The ATMs in the 7-11 stores are especially convenient. Don't forget that you need a PIN NUMBER for all cards in order to use machines.
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