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How tall is tall in japan? 2005/8/1 08:12
I was just wondering how tall is tall in Japan, because im thinking about going for a couple of days. Just to see what it is like,and the reason for this question is that I am 6'7" and I want to know if I will have to deal with alot of inconvent problems as far as my size goes.. Also I would be nice if anyone could give me advice about dealing with this. Such as what to bring and were to go. thankyou.
by Don  

2 meters 2005/8/1 20:14
6'7" is about 2 meters, right? Well, the hotel beds will be too short for sure, and you are probably more confortable sleeping on a futon especially since you can often find extra futons and futon covers in the room.
Furthermore it is very likely that some doors are too low and that sometimes the space below the tables in restaurants is a bit tiny in general, other than that, I think you'll be fine.
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tall? 2005/8/2 00:32
67" is not very tall in most of the West. That is 5 feet, 7 inches. Maybe you meant 6'7", which would be six feet, seven inches?

67" = 1 meter 70 cm
6'7" = just over 2 meters
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We'll see... 2005/8/2 02:23
Hi. I am going to Japan in December and I am 6'8''. I find many things in my country (UK) to be inconvenient for tall people anyway, so i'm not too worried about how i'll cope over there. I can let you know how I get on!
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WHOOPS 2005/8/2 02:31
I see that you actually did type 6' 7" without a space, and the formatting made the "feet" marker disappear (just like it did in my own post!) so I misread it as you having typed 67".
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not to bad 2005/8/3 07:40
hello i just returned from japan and am 6 ' 1 and didn't have a big problem there only hit my head a couple of times but just be sure that people will be checking you out alot will have a great time by the way you should get a pic in one of there super small cars it would be funny lol
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... 2005/8/4 09:45
Last year, I became friends with a Japanese exchange student. She was probably about 5' 6" and told me that in Japan, that is pretty tall. At 6' 7", you'll probably be by far the tallest person you'll see. And, for the sake of undying sacrasm, I must say that at least you'll be less likely to drown in the hotel's pool. I mean that in the best way possible. Have a great time!
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Hate to bring up the topic again... 2005/8/26 09:35
I've always figured I'd be considered tall in Japan, if not in general than at least for a woman. It's nice to see that (like the girl Verdigris knew) some Japanese girls/women are pretty tall, but I still wonder if I'll be looked at strangely because I'm 5'7".And, more importantly than being stared at, will I be able to find clothes my size when I'm living there?
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then.. how about short? 2005/8/29 17:57
is 4'10 to 5 feet considered short? or average? hehe
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anone... 2005/8/31 16:12
4'10" is considered short.
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tall 2005/9/4 22:40
i`m a 5'10" female. i don't have trouble with my height here. the kitchen counters are about 32" high- that takes time to get used to. US kitchen counters are usualy around 42" high. other than that it's usually easiest for me to buy long sleeved tops and pants at shops like gap/benetton and banana republic just opened in ginza. I've always felt tall, living in US, just feel a bit taller here. one good thing is that women'a yukata are free size and you can adjust the length as needed.
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well... 2005/9/5 01:14
i just got back from japan and the height difference isnt much at all..a lot of the older people are shorter, but it seems as though the younger generations tend to be a lot taller...i am 20 years old 5 11 and there were many people close to my age thaat were taller than me
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I'm 5'5 2005/9/10 19:42
I'm 5'5, and one girl who recently visited my school (she was Japanese) must have been about 5'8. She was much taller than me, anyway. Most of the guys were taller than me, and about half of the girls.
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I'm 197 cm = 6'7" 2005/9/25 14:55
I'm the same height as you and I've been here 4 months this year. You will feel tall but just ignore that and laugh about the cituation.

The biggest problem is trying to find clothes. I use XL and XXL back in Sweden but here it is impossible(?) to find anything. I have been to Big & Tall shops that have clothes for people up and above 200 cm but no success. All sleves are always too short. I guess Japanese have shorter arms than us Swedes.

So, Don't let your height stop you from going here. It is a lovely country and I'm sure you will find it very interesting.
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Yo 2005/9/26 14:15
I am 6'8" and have lived in Japan for 2 years. Like the previous poster, shopping will be difficult. The little sit down onsen showers are a bit difficult. I love Japan but the only thing I really had to adjust to are the doorways in the houses. They are about forehead level to us tall people, so the first few days you will hit your head and after that it will become second nature to duck in every doorway. Hotels and businesses are good, their doors are at a good height. Kiotsukette.
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issho 2005/9/27 02:34
6'7" is tall anywhere. You'd be tall for shower here in the States too unless it's custom built for tall. So expect you are tall just as you are considered tall in your home state or country.
If you would choose to stay at the international hotels and hotels in general, ceiling are high and you have choice of king size bed, etc.
Oh, walking outside is no problem for tall people as well as for any people.
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Size in Japan? 2005/9/28 13:45
What is the average hight of the girls in Japan?
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Hmm 2005/10/4 16:10
To previous post: I'd say Japanese females are in the 5' to 5'4" range, as an average of todays generation.

I've been to Japan too, and I'd say 6' 7" is quite tall, based on what I usually see in the mall or on the street (I live in Canada). In Japan, I'd say being somewhat like 5' 10" is above average for males already, seeing that many famous celebrities or singers there are in the 5'4" - 5'7" range. But I guess you will have a lot of trouble adapting to shorter standards of the Japanese. Anyways have fun, Japan is a great country!
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What about width 2005/10/4 17:50
For what i have heared , read etc.
the hight should not become such a problem ..
i'm 6ft 5" , but what about width ??
i mean i'm already having trouble sometimes overhere when i'm using public transportation (i'm from The Netherlands)
and basicly a lot of people are tall or width in the shoulders , but somehow i exceed all standarts - 25"
i can't hardly expect that this wouldn't become a problem in japan.
but in what ways ?!

I'm planning to go there in 2006 , and wherever i go i always travel around a lot using public transportation.
but do i really have to reconsider this ...
or ?!?!

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Above 5' 4" to 5'6" 2005/10/5 06:14
Easy! I'm 5' 8". Any subway I took, almost everyone was shorter - most of the men were American girl height, so that's about 5'4" to 5'6" ish. Anything above that and my height is TALL over there (you'll be ducking a lot here and there!). If you're anything but asian in appearance, you'll stand out even more, and you'll seem even taller if you are tall.
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