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house in ju-on movie 2005/8/21 17:35
Is anyone know where is the house in tthe Ju-On(The Gruge) movie?
by Carol  

. 2005/8/22 13:41
I don't know where the house is, but the institute where Rika/Karen was working is "The Institute of Medical Science
The University of Tokyo", I suppose. As situated in a very calm place even at the center of Tokyo, you forget you're in Tokyo.
I often went there on business. I suppose you can go there, but don't forget that it has a hospital as well.

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Thanks 2005/8/24 04:24
Too bad!!! I want to go to that house to have a look. But anyway, thanks for you help!!
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Juon 2005/8/24 08:36

I heard that the house was somewhere in Saitama - not that that really helps narrow down your search.
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Here? 2005/8/24 22:21
Now I'm watching a crappy tv program.
I don't remember juon much now, but is it the house? If so, the studio is in Ekoda, Tokyo on Seibu Shinjuku line.

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. 2005/8/24 22:24
Click the その1 or その2 in red at the center of the site, and you can see photos of the house.
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thank 2008/3/4 09:35
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House location 2008/11/17 09:10
The house is located in the city of Tokorozawa, Saitama, about 5 minutes walk from the west exit of the Seibu train station. I live about 15 minutes away, so I get to bring my friends by on Halloween for a nice friendly scare
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lol 2008/11/23 23:45
Thanks Brian! The question I posted was nearly 3 years ago, I nearly forget it. Thanks for your info, if next time I go to Japan - Tokyo again, I will go and have a look!!! ^,^
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houses of doom 2008/11/24 13:12
Don't forget that nothing truly terrible actually happened in that house! it is nothing like all the houses where actual crimes happened and where ghosts could be expected to appear and scare the owners.
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:D 2008/11/25 01:04
Awesome! Can you actually go inside, or just look from the outside? Does anyone live there? (haha kinda scary place to live though)

I want to go check it out sometime since I live in Saitama and loved the Ju-on movie. Is there a map?
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ju-on 2008/11/27 15:57
Lisa, the house was only used as a location and it is likely that the scenes taking place inside were done in studio as it is hard to fit lights, cameras and a crew in a small house. Again NOTHING HAPPENED IN THAT HOUSE!! nobody was killed and no ghosts ever appeared!! a movie is just a movie not the real thing!
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big deal 2008/12/29 07:37
i have been searching this and came up with a satisyfying answer for those who can read japapenese or at least have someone to translate them.

Interestingly, this question have been already answered in yahoo japan answers pages so here is the link :


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found it 2009/1/13 06:13
here is a direct link of whereabouts of the ju-on house with a map:

click this 地図 for the map
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Kuro, please repost that. 2009/4/1 14:58
The link did not work for me!

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.. 2009/4/9 12:58
The house actually exists and was used as a setting? Cool. I had assumed that it was all made-up or created. Like the house from Amityville Horror.
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only a movie 2009/4/10 06:46
Here we go again..just because a house was used in a movie doesn't mean that it looks inside the way it looks like in the movie! and whatever took place in the movie DIDN'T HAPPEN in real life in that house. The place where I work has been used in various movies for such different things as a fancy apartment building, a police precinct, a horror place... all that by placing huge plastic sheets on the facade that had been painted to look like this or that building..(and we kept working inside while the movie was being made as they didn't film inside). A house in the suburbs of my town was used recently for a horror film. The owners' furniture was removed, the walls were all repainted in different colours, different furniture was installed, a fake wing attached to it..(the owners were so happy! .they made a fortune out of it). The only houses I would be interested in seeing are historical places were a historical person was killed... movie sets, even those using a real house, are total fiction.. everything is fake..
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.. 2009/4/10 08:57
Was that to me? I already knew all that. I just didn't know that the house they use for exterior aesthetic purpose actually existed. I had assumed that the whole thing was created in a studio..that's all I meant, personally. You'd actually like to go were an actual murder was committed? O.o I agree with going somewhere with actual historical importance, but not that.
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We all know!! =,=" 2009/4/28 05:16
Well, Monkey See, we all know that the house is just for the movie and no actual murder inside. so you don't need to tell everyone the same things so many times in my post. We all saw the movie and just curious about it. That's it. As a tourist, we want to see something special or something we want to see. That's it... So can you pls stop telling ppl off in MY post.
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oh wow 2011/5/30 10:28
I like how people are raging because nothing happened there and it was just used for the movie etc etc. WHO CARES?! It was an amazing movie, and to me as well, it seems like an awesome place to go see. To be part of where that movie was filmed and everything. Because it was a really awesome movie, and honestly it'd be amazing to see inside, and ~feel~ how you would if you know, Ju-On was actually real. But yeah, it'd be so cool to go see it!
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