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clothes sizes 2005/9/1 07:55
Tokyo 23-ku
Is there any shops in tokyo that sell larger womans clothes like 18uk 20us upwards if not what is the largest standard size?
by Tasha  

maybe 2005/9/2 18:20
since tokyo is such a big city, you might have a chance. look for foreign clothing import stores. it'll cost a lot. I am around a ten US in women's clothing. a LARGE in japanese womens clothing is skintight on me at best. look for foreign big and tall stores, and also the men's department may have something
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Where to find bigger clothes 2005/9/19 20:33
Yes, it can be difficult finding clothes here.I have found some foreign shops in Ikebukuro's Sunshine City that stock bigger sizes like Eddie Bauer, Talbots, Next etc. Also try places like LLBean. Some of the Marui Department Stores have a line of big sized clothing and shoes called 01Model. You can find them in Marui Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ueno. Isetan Department have bigger sizes that can be found in their Clover Shops, Young Clover, Ladies Clover and Better Clover which fit women up to size 19. Popular brands include 23 Ku, DKNY, East Boy, and Polo. If you're 166cm (5'6") or taller, visit the Tall Shop at Isetan and their Supersize shop carries sizes up to 27.
Shinjuku's My City has a shop called L Size. Apparently they carry fashionable basics at reasonable prices. For a cheaper option I have seen that Daiei and Jusco Stores also sell bigger sizes. Might be good for jeans and stuff. Hope this helps you.
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Daiei 2007/6/25 18:48
The only places I've seen larger sizes here is at the mall. Large malls that have a Daiei (like JC Penny) have a plus size section. All of the fashion shops of Tokyo, Shibuya, and Yokohama will ignore you. They are catering to the trendy highschoolers (a size US 0 if you ask me).
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Stores in Osaka 2007/6/26 04:42
What about plus sized stores in Osaka? What sizes do they go up to, and where would one find them?
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Plus Size Stores in Osaka 2007/10/12 17:40
Hi there, I just moved to Osaka City three months ago, and I'm still looking for some plus sized stores myself. So far, I only came across Jusco to carry sizes up to 5L (equivalent to about a US plus size of 3X). That's the highest size they carry in tops, it seems. They also have another size that goes something like 17-go, 19-go, 21-go, 23-go being the highest I've seen for apparel like skirts, pants, and coats. On Torrid, a plus size clothing website, you can see a conversion chart for those sizes here: http://community.torrid.com/customer_service/size_chart.asp

You can also see other plus sized things like dresses, suits, and event belts, which I was surprised about. I've also heard Uniqlo to carry some, but I will investigate into that this weekend. Hope this helps a bit!
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? 2007/10/13 00:06
Thanks for posting the convertor L.
According to it I am about a size 11 in Japan.

Is size 11 considered plus size and how difficult is it to find clothes in that size?
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. 2007/10/19 20:30
That convertor looks a bit off to me - I wear a UK 14-16 bottom and 16-18 top, but Japanese size 15 trousers and size 17 tops/dresses are a pretty close fit on me. Ditto the shoe sizes listed - I'm in a UK 5 1/5 broad or 6, but a Japanese 24.5 or 25.

On the other hand I don't have too much trouble finding attractive cheap clothes.

This store has some nice stuff in sizes up to 19 and 3L. http://www.rakuten.co.jp/suzutan/682537/ is their online store but they have physical stores too. Clickable map here: http://www.suzutan.co.jp/syo_gu/map4.html
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just out of interest.. 2008/4/7 04:30
what is considered the average size for young women in Japan? by "young" I mean 20-30years old.
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sizes 2008/4/7 08:30
Are you wanting the answer in US sizes? UK sizes? European?

I would say that the average young Japanese woman would take a 4 in US sizes. Plenty of 2's and 6's as well probably. The range of sizes in shops tends to be small- many shops only carry "small" and "medium" as their sizing.

Actually older women wouldn't be much different from younger women- it is not as common here for people to gain large amounts of weight in middle age as it is in Western countries. Most older women are also quite slim.
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Convert Japanese size to UK 2008/7/2 19:24
Size 11 Japanese to UK Size
also Size 9 to UK
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average mens size? 2008/7/3 03:55
what is the average Japanese mens size, and its US equivalent? i wanted to send my penpal a tshirt for his birthday, but of course i dont know his size. i know he's 5'5" and i think he said he is about 110 lbs. i thought maybe a US standard "small," but when i shop for them...they look so small! i'd appreciate any help :)
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small guy 2008/7/3 08:18
A 5'5" 110 lb guy would indeed be very small. He would quite possibly take a small in Japan as well, so don't think about going for a bigger size in US sizing.

Are you sure he doesn't weigh more than that? That is very slight for a guy.
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110 lbs 2008/7/3 08:34
well, that's what his profile says on the site we met at! bodytype is listed as "petite" ^^ but yeah, that sounded really small to me, as well! i mean, i'm a girl only 5'2", quite lean and i'm 117 pounds!
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like this guy.... 2008/7/3 09:22
judging by photos he has sent me, his body looks similar to the size of this celebrity -- but a fan magazine has this guy as being 5'5" and 120 lbs.(the guy in the middle):

(on the right)

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