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Where do they sell condoms? 2005/9/8 21:29
I've been keeping my eye out for condoms in drug stores, combinis, and large supermarkets, and can't spot them anywhere! I know katakana and haven't seen any familiar labels. Are they disguised as something else? I've combed the aisles of Family Mart and 7-11 and am pretty sure they don't have them. What's the deal?
by Slash  

... 2005/9/9 08:52
If you are in Tokyo, go to Harajuku station, walk a bit down the street and you'll see a giant CONDOM shop.
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they're in disguise 2005/9/9 10:53
they're there, they're just in disguise. look near the other 'health products' like toothbrushes and stuff. If you see a small box with no markings on it (maybe the size of two cigarette boxes) pick it up and look on the back. There will sometimes be an illustration showing if it is 'ribbed' or whatever. Drug stores and convenience stores all sell condoms.
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Special Edition Golgo 13 2005/9/9 11:55
In Harajuku, there is Condomania, but I think most of their gloves are expensive - only for special occasions. Condoms are in general more expensive than in other countries, I think. My current favorite one (and cheap, too!) was the Golgo 13 series, which I found out was only in limited production. Golgo 13 is the Japanese James Bond, sniper, all around kick ass dude. The wrappers were camoflouged! Should've saved some:(
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Thanks! 2005/9/10 00:38
Okay, thanks a lot. I found them disguised next to the bandaids in Family Mart. They look kind of like packs of cigarettes. Nice to know that you can get them in the inaka too.
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Thanks! 2005/10/10 23:29
Finally, I have been wondering about this. I couldn't figure out where the hell they were hiding at.

Now to muster up the courage to go buy some. (Yes, young'un living in japan)
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women's aisle 2005/10/12 00:10
you can also look in the feminine products isle, there are some hidden next to or below tampons. not that most guys would look there. send a girlfriend
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thanks 2008/5/25 23:47
Thanks for the useful tip about them being "hidden" (disguised?).
I had no idea where to look.
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Harajuku 2009/2/20 03:54
If you go round there looking for condoms be careful of all the African people that try to force you into their shops. It felt more like Egypt than Japan whilst walking down that street. They can't speak Japanese so they always target westerners like me.
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not that bad 2009/2/20 08:47
There are a few African guys, probably Nigerian or Ghanian, on Takeshita Dori, but I have never had them try to force me into their shops and I haven't seen them doing it to anyone either. Also, it's not as if they are every 5 metres. Are you sure they don't speak Japanese? Usually the African people here pick it up quickly. You must just look like their target market.

Just to point out as well, Takeshita dori is not really near the Harajuku Condomania shop, which is right at the intersection of Meiji dori and Omotesando- actually a good 10 minute walk from Takeshita.
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Nope Harajuku is just like that 2009/3/5 18:30
Nah I have to agree - last time I was in Harajuku I got MOBBED by them!
i was forced into at least 4 shops that had crap I had no interest in, and when you say no they keep harassing you, I hate it there :(
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... 2009/3/6 10:28
My experiences have been more like Siras. I don't find it that bad and there were only a handful of "salesmen" along the entire road. Also, I find that usually their Japanese is better than their English (and much better than my Japanese too).

But again, if you're looking for Condomania then you're off course if you're walking down Takeshitadori. Better to just down Omotesando from the station and it'll take you straight to the store, although its a good 15 minute walk.
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