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Japanese shops in NYC? 2005/9/10 10:50
New York City
Hello, I'm Japanese college student in FL and i am going to NYC this winter.Of course I will be shopping all day. Are there any shops that I can buy Japanese brand clothes in NYC? and how is Takashimaya Dep store?What stores are in there?
by Mika  

Bathing Apes 2005/9/11 09:08
Hello Mika,
The only authentic Japanese store in NYC is Bathing Ape. It is located on 92 Greene Street in Soho. There are some other agen stores such as Ana Sui on the same block, many Japanese women shop there.
If you are looking for supermarket, i can tell you that too. It depends what part of NYC you will be, there some in Queens and Manhattan.
Holla back(let me know).
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Thanks V! 2005/9/12 11:45
That's help me a lot. Thanks!!
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buying bento boxes in NY 2007/8/24 20:58
Hi, I'm going to NY next week and I'd like to know where I could buy bento boxes, i.e., the lunch box itself, not food. Thanks a lot!
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