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Ichinoyu 2005/9/15 08:28
Can someone please help me! I don't really understand Ichinoyu! I've found this website for it http://english.ichinoyu.co.jp/ but are all those lodges in Hakone? And how do I access the areas? Because the map doesn't show me where all the lodges are.

And does anyone recommend any particular one? We prefer a Ryokan which has a private bath and in a convenient location.
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staying there this spring 2005/9/15 21:15
I am staying at one of their Hakone properties, Ichinoyu Hankon, in the spring, the one that is described on the home page you provided. I heard about it from someone on another forum who stayed there. This is what the person posted:
Ichinoyu Honkan is the property on the map under "Tonogawa". Take the local Hakone rail line from Odawara to Tonowasa. Get off and walk 5-10 min,. downhill, which dead ends into a main street. Turn right, and Ichinaya is about 500 ft ahead on the right, just over the bridge.
I have emailed in English w/the owners. They are helpful and understand my messages and questions.
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ichinoyu 2007/9/26 22:57
Can anyone help me on getting contact with ichinoyu cos their website http://english.ichinoyu.co.jp/
cannot be access and I am flying from Singapore this Sat to stay there over the weekend and they need confirmation otherwise they will cancel.

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Where is Ichinoyu Honkan??? 2007/9/27 03:01
Hi, I was told that Ichinoyu Honkan is in Hakone Yumoto. Is it not? I am going there in a couple of weeks, please tell me it is in Hakone Yumoto...
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contact 2007/9/27 03:29
E-mail for Ichinoyu:


Let us know how it was there!
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More guestions... 2007/9/27 04:14
I'm planning to go Hakone in Ichinoyu Honkan, and I wonder if anybody has been there?
There is three room types, and room type 3 has probably private bath. Or so I understood when I was looking their home pages.
If someone has been there could you please tell me if the open-air bath in room type 3 really is private, or is there only chanse to reserve the bath for use
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Errr website under construction 2007/9/27 13:28
The website is under construction....I called nobody answer .... so how to confirm my reservation? Making me so anxious and worry that my reservation will be cancelled.
Anyone can help me?
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room types 2007/9/27 16:54
There are 3 room types.

Room type 1 does not have a private bath.

Room type 2 has a private hotspring bath which is basically a deep stone bathtub inside of the room. It's located next to a window or open balcony like rail, so you have view of the outside from the bath.
The bath in room 2 fits one person comfortably. You could squeeze in with 2 but it would be very tight.

Room 3 has a private outdoor rock decorated hotspring bath. It is in a small type of garden/balcony and really outside of the room. The outdoor bath is big enough to seat 2 people should you wish that.

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Cheyenne 2007/9/27 16:57
Cheyenne, as I posted before, use the e-mail address:


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Sob...I try 2007/9/27 20:52
I try the website already but when I send, it does'nt get through,anyway thanks I get it settle when I reached tokyo this Sat then see how lor

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Hakone spring bath 2008/1/2 16:19
I am planning a trip to Hakone in March and really fancy checking out a hot spring ryokan there.
Anyone knows of one that has a Private ones, as we are not used to taking public baths. Thanks!
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