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About Fancl 2005/9/25 22:05
Hi, I'd like to ask about Fancl... Is it a good brand for facial products? Heard that they do not use preservatives, is this true? Is Fancl cheap in Japan?
by sunshineee  

this website might help answer 2005/9/26 08:18
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Is Fancl cheap? 2005/10/10 22:23
Thanx Marie.
But is Fancl cheap, compared to the other facial products? I heard it's cheaper to buy Fancl in Japan, than in Singapore... Is that really true? What other Japanese brands are good for facial products?
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sorry I don't really know prices 2005/10/11 14:52
I have tried kanebo brands and personally like them. But again I do not know much about the subject so I cannot really recommend anything or have a good idea on prices.
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Cheaper in Japan 2005/12/15 12:31

Most Fancl products are cheaper in Japan as compared to Singapore. Some of the items are at half the price.

My wife bought quite a few.

I guess most Japanese beauty products are cheaper in Japan, partly due to the competition among the numerous products available.
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How to buy from Fancl Japan 2007/11/11 22:14

Just wondering, since i have an account with Vpost, I can save some shipping costs from Fancl Japan, but i realised that I;ll need to open an account with Fancl Japan, and beside our name, we need to input the VP code by Vpost. But i tried to input it but Fancl Japan doesn't recognise the numbers.

Can anyone assist me how to open an account there?

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charges for delivery 2008/4/4 12:14
Is there any charges for item to be deliver within Japan?
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