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Yakitori Grill 2005/10/3 12:07
Looking to buy a Yakitori Grill. Anyone knows where or what company I can contact? Thank You.
by Kenji  

Yakitori grill? 2005/10/6 01:07
Any barbeque grill using charcoal for the heat, burning at a lower flare would make good yakitori.
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IWATANI Yakitori Grill 2006/3/19 08:06
There is one on here somewhere, IWATANI make it.
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yakatori grill 2006/8/8 14:47
try in japan
ask for mr hamada
regards marcel
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. 2006/8/8 16:10
I heard that temperature range and the type of charcoal you use is very very important. Most top yakitori places (if there's such a thing) uses a special type of charcoal I believe. Don't recall the name of it.

2ndly when you grill things, a lot of oil falls onto the charcoal and likely will burn the stove or food, cause a lot of smoke (which charcoal type is relevant too). Some grills are designed so that this is taken care of.

So when u order the grill stove, make sure its suitable!

I want one myself.
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grill 2006/8/9 11:55
i have a gas one ,as you cant get the charcoal ,that is as good as in japan ,and you don't use oil ,, for basting ,,
www.senda.co.jp sell everything to regards marcel
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grill 2006/8/10 02:11
I just use the top grill from the broiler pan from my stove. I put it on my charcoal grill and get the coals super hot. It works just fine.
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Yakitori grill 2006/8/12 13:50
You can buy them in most big supermarkets Shimaiya definatly has them.
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electric one 2007/5/19 04:31
I know a Korean company who just developed chain type fully automatic electric yakitori grill and already have marketed throughout Korea succesfully. If you want further info. Please write back to my email.
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Yakitori Grill 2007/5/21 22:52
Hi Sung, I'm interested in knowing where to get the grill from Korea.
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yakitori grill 2007/7/17 18:26
Hi Sung, I want to have one myself.
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electric yakitori 2008/8/24 17:12
how can we get info on an electric yakitori? I saw one on the Anthony Bordain show when he visited a restaurant in Tokyo.
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Korean Yakitori Auto Grill 2008/10/9 13:28
Sung, I would like further info on the auto grill that you mention earlier. Kindly contact me at toriexpress@gmail.com.

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Req Auto Yakitori Grill Sales Info 2008/10/18 20:18
Sung, I Please send me the contact info regarding the purchase of an automatic yakitori grill you mentioned. thanks.
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Yakitori grill 2008/10/19 01:49
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grills 2008/10/19 08:50
being a barbecue nut i have used all three--gas, electric, and charcoal.imho nothing replaces charcoal. the electric ones don't get hot enough to do a good job, gas is better if you cant use charcoal. i would definitely not recommend using charcoal inside without proper ventilation.the best charcoal is called bincho and is quite expensive iuse kashi which is also white oak but available in most farmers markets in my area.here some photos of my barbecue set up.
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Yakitori 2008/12/24 01:10
If this is what you are looking for, Home Depot, Canada carries two models.
Should be available on line.
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