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Japanese rock bands? 2005/10/5 13:15
Can anyone tell me who are some good Japanese hard/metal rock bands? Not like death metal though. And where are good places in Tokyo to see such bands?
by rockgurl  

the best 2005/10/18 15:04
NUMBER GIRL is the best musician.
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jrock 2005/10/18 17:34
Dir En Grey
Orange Range (punkrock)
L'arc en ciel

I like Dir En Grey the most. It's great metal.
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here are some good rock bands of Japan 2005/10/20 13:11

If you listen to J-Rock musics, you'll find out that it's completely different from other rock bands.
here are dome of them.

Alice Nine
Malice Mizer
Janne Da Arc
Due 'le quartz
Antic Cafe
.. there are lots more..
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More.. 2005/10/21 04:05
Here's some more:

SID (Shido)
Sex Machineguns
The Dead Popstars
Rentrer en Soi
the Pumpkin Head

I just yanked these off the cover of last month's FOOL'S MATE..XD

If you really want to get to know some bands, pick up a FOOL'S MATE, Cure, SHOXX or UV (Ultra Veat). I'm sure you'll find something you'll like in those mags. ^__^

(By the way, it's Dir en grey. NO capitals on any of the other letters; that's one of the biggest pet peeves of fans such as myself.)
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my two cents... 2005/11/2 23:13
Hi there! ^_^

I agree with lots of the recommendations already said: Dir en grey (I'm not sure that their music is really "metal"... mehh, I find those classifications so hard! their stuff is really diverse), Gazette, D, Due'le Quartz, Rentrer en Soi, Vidoll, Kra, Merry and Baroque... all good stuff. ^_^

Gackt... well, I'd describe his stuff as being more like pop or soft rock. It's pretty good but possibly not heavy enough for what you're looking for.

Miyavi is a great guitarist. *thumbs up*

Malice Mizer are a kind of hybrid goth/rock/classical... they produce some interesting stuff in a great variety, some heavyish (e.g. Beast of blood) and some almost classicalish (e.g. the Bara no seidou album).

If you like goth, you might like to try Eve of Destiny. Kozi, their guitarist (it's a 2-member band) makes solo works also, and his Katarushisu/Catharsis album is good. ^_^

Kagrra are very good indeed, I really like them. They're not metal, but they have awesome bass and... well, all the parts are awesome really!

SID are a softer rock/jazz hybrid, too, but they are DEFINITELY worth a listen - Mao has a fantastic voice.

In addition, can I recommend some other good bands:

D'espairsRay!!! They are fantastic. If you like hard rock/metal, you MUST listen to these guys! That's an order! All their stuff is good, but good songs to start off with are Forbidden, Garnet and [S]yste[M]. ^__^

The Zolge - I've heard them described as "punk" but I hear them as rock... the album Deadly Sanctuary is excellent. They are disbanded now - they were the band of the former singer of Eve of Destiny.

MUCC - I love their music.
(Those last 3 are a bit more of punk.)

Happy searching and listening! ^_^
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KAGEROU! 2005/11/3 00:29
I agree with all of you ^-^

I really love MUCC, Kagerou, D'espairs Ray and Dir en grey! But also Merry and the others are great!!!!! Please listen to them! ^-^
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/when are you going? 2005/11/6 10:13
I'm in a rock band from Toronto that is doing a tour of Japan from Nov 13 to 28. When are you going? Our shows are all around Tokyo.
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I wonder if you like them,but 2005/11/6 18:43

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... 2005/11/24 13:30
For the Alternative fan:

Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Bump of Chicken
The Back Horn
No Regret Life
The Pillows

For the Indie fan:
Mo'some Tonebender
Analog Fish
Yogurt Pooh
The Band Apart
Husking Bee
Zazen Boys

...there's tons more
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Nihongo de ROCK 2005/11/25 10:07
Hello. Even though I do not listen to rock music often, I do listen to it when I seek a "change of pace". (I am a slow music fan.) For one, I think Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory is one helluva'n album.

Now, I was wondering if there exists rock music sung in Japanese (by Japanese groups, primarily). Anyone here with a recommendation? Please include any and all styles.
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Oops. 2005/11/27 05:44
Oh well, ignore the post. My question was already answered and I did not know.
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Sugoi! 2005/11/27 19:30
Well, I can recommend some japanes bands to you, wich I also like!

- Malice Mizer (such a great band!)

- Dir en Grey (I visit their concert here in Germany - great!)

- Kagerou

- X Japan

- Kaggra

- L'arc en Ciel

- Janne Da Arc

- Moi dix Mois

- Orange Range

- Kra

- Deadman

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Old guy opinion 2005/11/28 06:42
Back in the day....yes that even sounds old to me!!!
I was a big fan of
Loudness....When I was in Tokyo 2 months ago I saw a young guy with a Loudness t shirt and a mullet....ah re live my youth!! Sometimes its fun to go retro...but Let me tell you..as far as "True" metal guitars Akira kicked serious ass!!! Great tone and crunch....And the drummer...big sound...Give it a listen sometime...a true METAL fan would not be disappointed...Rock On...
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yerp! 2005/12/1 07:58
why has no one mentioned melt-banana?!
i thought this one was obvious...
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question... 2005/12/22 13:07
are there any other bands like Malice Mizer? i know they are quite... unique, and i've been looking for bands that have some influences of them... classic, symphonic rock? anyone know? my searches come up short.
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jrock 2005/12/22 17:32
Looks like everybody has written on good jrock bands ^^ I just wanna add one more...

UVERworld ^__^ I love them to bits!!
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cant wait!!! 2005/12/26 12:26
Old guy again....
There was also a band called EZO
in a galaxy far away called the 80's...they had some interesting music. I'm actually moving to Japan in 10 days...I will be seeing first hand the talent in Tokyo Sushi bars.. little cars.. and Metal guitars!!!!!
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japanese rock 2005/12/31 21:16
Where i can find it to download ?
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metal 2006/1/1 05:01
Concerto Moon
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