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Need a dentist, seeking advice! 2005/10/7 19:19
I need work done on several teeth, but since this is my first time going to a dentist in Japan I'm a bit aprehensive. I would be very thankful if anyone could offer some tips/advice on the following:

- Could anyone recommend a dentist (with english skills) in the (Tokyo) Ota-ku/ Shinagawa area?

- How much does an average treatment cost (considering I pay the japanese social insurance)? Talking about filling, root canal, crown, extraction.

- I've seen a few websites of japanese dentists that studied abroad and now cater to foreigners. I was told however that they are several more expensive than regular japanese neighborhood dentists, any truth to this?

- I need a few fillings but I don't want them done with amalgam, I'd like them done with resin. Is it a commom material in Japan? I read somewhere that they only used mercury fillings in Japan...

Any feedback to the questions above would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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English speaking dentist in Tokyo 2005/10/8 16:19
I cannot recommend any dentist personally, but found this link.
You might find some information.

If you check google with "English speaking dentist Tokyo", you may find more links.

Take care!
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dentists 2005/10/10 14:13
In the Tokyo area there are quite a few dentists that were trained in the US, speak English, and will immediately understand your concerns. As far as the costs go, I pay into the Japanese medical system and all of my dental visit costs have been lower than what it used to cost me Stateside. My biggest dental procedure was a new crown last year that involved about three visits to the clinic, and was cheaper than I expected.

There are several online directories showing medical and dental facilities around Tokyo, including one on the US Embassy website.

Here's a link to a page that lists three of the best directories:

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help! 2006/3/4 21:22
Can anyone tell me of an English speaking dentist in the Tachikawa/Hachioji area? (or closer to Tokyo if need be)....

I need to have a tooth pulled. Would I have a problem just getting them to pull a tooth and not bother to try to save it? I just want to make the appointment, have it pulled and be on my way......

Also I do not have any type of dental insurance, what would be an estimate cost I can expect from having an extraction with no insurance?

Thanks for your help.
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English speaking dentist in Hiroo 2006/3/7 22:12
My kids and I go to a dentist in Hiroo in Tokyo. His name is Dr. Kojima. He has training background in the US, speaks excellent English, and is trained in US methods. I think that he sees mostly ex-pats, and he is not cheap, but he is very good. I broke a tooth that had a porcelain inlay in it, and he replaced the inlay and repaired the tooth. I've had no trouble with it since, which I'm very happy about sincee this tooth has been worked on quite a bit in the past several years. He did a really good job. His office is Arisugawa Dental Office and his phone number is 03-5475-3312. He has Japanese staff that speak Japanese, so if you call, just ask for Dr. Kojima. If he is with a patient, they will ask for your phone number to call you back.

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Dentist 2007/8/16 17:43
Does anyone know of an English speaking dentist who will take JPN. Ins. and is located in or around the Urayasu-shi, Maihama (disneyland) or Minami-Kasai area?

Maybe one that would complete two tasks in one visit. "wink wink"

I've checked the U.S.Embassy site, but they only list dentists in Metro-Tokyo.

Thanks for any Info.

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... 2007/8/16 19:23
I don't know what JPN INS stands for but found one near Shin-Urayasu.

Orient Dental Clinic
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Thanks 2007/8/16 21:19
Thank You J Lady! this is very close.

JPN. Ins. = Japanese Insurance
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HELP!! ~ 2007/8/19 11:39
Hey! How are you?
I'm looking for a dentisty in Nagoya who speaks english... I'm going there soon, so I wanna know where I should go when I need!
Thank you so much for your help!!
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. 2007/8/19 11:44

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, it lists two english speaking dentists with contact information that maybe able to assist you.
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. 2007/8/19 11:46
Also linked there but I will post here :
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THANKS! 2007/8/19 11:47
TY, John, for your help!! I was searching if they have a internet page...but I dont think so -_-;
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. 2007/8/19 11:49
If you are going to be in nagoya just call them, or contact the nagoya international center.
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... 2007/8/19 13:13
I found the webpage of Dr. Miyajima in Atsuta-ku but it's only in Japanese. According to it, Dr. Miyajima is a gradutae of Saint Louis University and specializes in orthodontic dentistry.

Another one in Higashi-ku has changed its name from Columbia Clinic to Matsumoto Clinic.
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Thaaankkkss! 2007/8/21 04:14
Thank you so much, J Lady!! ^^ I'll check this out =P
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Help 2009/4/29 11:33
would you know how much is tooth filling here in japan? i would like to have an idea on how much it is..thanks!
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depends on a lot of things 2009/4/29 11:41
Do you have national health insurance? Metal or composite filling? Large or small? For a medium-sized composite (white) filling, without insurance, you are looking at around 6,000 yen, but depending on your situation, that could vary by quite a lot.
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. 2009/5/4 16:08
To the OP:
You can definately have white fillings done here in Japan, not just the old fashioned metal ones. However, in my experience, the smaller and older clinics here still only offer the metal ones, so a)look for a larger and newer clinic, and b) ask before sitting down what they offer and what the price difference is :)
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