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Anyone know where to find "Cilantro"? 2005/10/8 13:28
I'm trying to find fresh cilantro for cooking, but have been to many stores and can't seem to find it. Even if it's still in the pot (which is even better), I really only need a few sprigs. I HAVE found dried Cilantro, but I really need the fresh stuff. Anyone got ideas?
by Brandon  

cilantro? 2005/10/8 16:24
I think it is known as coriander(コリアンダー)or 香菜 in Japan.
You'll find fresh ones in big supermarket, in the vegetable section where they sell herbs (along with basil, parsley, rosemary, mint, etc.)
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name 2005/10/13 09:40
my japanese friends call cilantro "pak chi" and "shan sai" i haven't tried to buy it here but have eaten it fresh in thai food here so it's here somewhere!
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Nissan 2006/7/1 23:01
I think I've seen fresh cilantro (corriander) at Nissin market in Tokyo (Tokyo Metro: Azabu-juban). Check the ''old'' fresh herbs (in a separate bin) first for a discount. Phone ahead to be sure.
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cilantro=Chinese parsley=coriander 2006/7/1 23:19
Cilantro is also known as "Chinese parsley". If you still can't find it, maybe ask someone at a Vietnamese, Thai or Mexican restaurant where they buy it? Hope you find it.
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It's called "Pak-chi" in Japan 2008/1/21 20:53
I have found it at Hanamasa, Peacock, Tokyu supermarket, Nissan, and Precci.
It's pretty much available all year round. Should be between Y198-Y298 yen for a small bunch.
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Cilantro 2008/4/25 11:03
You can find cheap cilantro at a small fruit and vegetable store on a small street parallel to the main azabu juban shopping street. This street is behind oakwood apartment
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