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Buying a car (living in Chiba) 2005/10/10 02:38
Hi, I'm looking to buy a car, I live in Chiba can anyone give me any advice...on costs etc... I want to spend as little as possible but also have a decent car ...i.e a decent size. kei car or normal car?? recommendations?? also what the other costs I should be looking out for. should i get a car with shakken or get a car that is cheap??

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... 2005/10/10 09:06
The following website promises cheap prices. Maybe it is worth an inquiry:
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Car in Chiba 2006/8/21 15:22
These guys can help you out with a car. www.gaijininc.com Their office is in Chiba City.
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Apple K&S 2008/2/24 00:09
You should check out Apple K&S in Chiba. They are teamed up with Fuel-Corp. and have English Speakers who do auction buys for people. I beleive they do other english services like Auto Financing and Insurance as well. They would be able to sort you out. There phone number is 043-268-8700. They are located across the street from the Ario Mall in down the street from Soga Station.
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