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Average salary for average japanese? 2005/10/16 11:24
I'm traveling to Japan next year, and I want to know as much as possible about this wonderful country before going :) What is the average monthly salary for a common person? (E.g. working 40 hours a week in a shop.)
by Zipi  

shops 2005/10/16 21:53
Wages for part-timers at shops and restaurants range from around 800 yen to 1500 yen per hour.
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statistics 2005/10/16 23:14
According to the latest statistics by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare,
average monthly total cash earnings per regular employee in August 2005 were
285,465 yen.
This does not include "bonus payments" which is environ 800,000 yen a year on the average.
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. 2005/10/16 23:20
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.. 2005/10/17 01:40
Based purely on observation, the average yearly income is on par with the United States middle class households.
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. 2005/10/17 01:45
Don't know the exact statistics, but the minimum wage for a foreigner on a full time visa would be 250,000 or roughly $2,500 USD a month or rougly $30,000 a year.
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Minimum changed 2006/6/24 22:00
I think you will find the minimum salary for an English instructor on a Humanities/Specialist Visa is now about 220,000yen a month. This is only an Immigration requirement for a Visa not labor law.
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average salary by job 2007/2/26 18:04
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Foreigner's average wage? 2007/8/18 15:00
Hi All, could anyone tell me exactly what is minimum wage for a foreigner on a full time visa, while working for a 1 year contract?
by Jessie rate this post as useful

salary 2007/8/18 20:58
Jessie, that depends entirely on what kind of work they are doing. For example, as above, an entry-level English teacher will be earning about 250,000 yen per month. Someone in IT is likely to be earning twice that, and someone working in the finance industry at possibly 3 times that if not more.
by Sira rate this post as useful

VISA requirements 2007/8/20 01:37
I am married to my lovely Japanese wife.

I would like to go to Japan next year to meet my wife's family.

I am from South America.

How is the VISA requirements.

Do I need a special VISA or how does it work?

by Jose rate this post as useful

Visa questions 2007/8/20 07:16

Do I need a special VISA or how does it work?

No one can give you a precise answer without knowing your nationality.
The best way would be to contact the Japanese embassy in your country. If you have a Japanese wife, you may qualify for a "Spouse of Japanese National" visa, although this wouldn't be necessary if you are just visiting for a short period.
Either way, check with the embassy.
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250.000 yen is that before or after tax? 2008/2/16 22:25
My salary is 338983.05 yen / month after tax. We have a tax rate at 34%, how much tax do you pay directly from your salary in Japan? =)

An average worker from Sweden..
by Stefan rate this post as useful

... 2008/2/17 07:48
Stefan, I don't understand your question. But here are some basics on taxes in Japan:
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250,000 = before tax 2008/2/17 08:42
The 250,000 yen I mentioned is before tax. The tax rate in Japan is lower- at that level of income you pay 5- 10% of your salary in national income tax. and then another 8% or so in local taxes, usually paid directly by you in quarterly installments (this depends on the employer) and up to 10% more in pension, health and unemployment contributions.

The taxes actually are similar to other countries but unlike in New Zealand or Sweden it is not taken out in one go but allocated to various categories and some of it must be paid to the government by you after you receive your income.

As you can see from this, the salary for an entry-level English teacher is quite low. It used to be higher but has dropped over the last 10 years.
by Sira rate this post as useful

Average Income 2008/3/13 10:21
What is an average income for a japanese local per year?
by Nicole rate this post as useful

... 2008/3/13 10:28
the answer was in the third post. scroll up.
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