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Christian Church in Kyoto? 2005/10/18 05:02
Kyoto City
We shall be in Kyoto on a Sunday and wondered if there is a Christian Church we can go to?
by Chrissy  

church 2005/10/18 12:55
There is a small catholic church near the Holiday Inn, in Kyoto but i don't know if they have any non-japanese services there.
plus theres a cathedal here's the address, etc
Kawaramachidori-sanjoagaru, Nakagyo-ku, KYOTO, 604-8006
TEL.075-231-4785 FAX.211-8021

by Philip rate this post as useful

Thanks 2005/10/18 18:46
Thank you, Philip.
Will look into it.
by Christine Gibson rate this post as useful

Church in Kyoto 2007/1/24 11:50
There is only a few churches in the Kyoto city region, mainly traditional. If you return to Osaka I recommend the 'New Hope International Fellowship' (Hawaiian/Japanese church) that meets at the Dawn Centre at 2pm. The service is in both Japananese and English.
Pray about starting a church in Kyoto!
Tim Carr
by Tim rate this post as useful

I found a great church in Kyoto 2007/6/23 22:54
I found a great chruch in Kyoto it is called Kyoto Gospel church. It has around 200 members. the night service has bilingual preaching and the people are very friendly. They have English classes so plenty of people who can speak english. If you search on google for Kyoto Gospel Church you should find their web site. From Peter
by Peter McInnes rate this post as useful

churches 2007/6/24 02:41
I am a Christian and was raised as both a Catholic (church on Sundays am.) and Protestant(church on Sundays pm.) When I go to Japan I go to Shinto shrines, as that religion has some resemblances to the Celtic religion, and to Buddhist temples as they looks superficially like Catholic churches, with statues, candles, incense,etc. (I know that North Americans don't know much about the history of religions but surely they know that the first Christians used Celtic rites--we still use some nowadays-- and that the first Christian churches (the buildings) were former Celtic or Roman temples?)
what matter is that one pray directly to God. where one prays is irrelevant. Organised religion is basicaly a con job to control people and take some of their money and unfortunately most religions have committed attrocious crimes in the past to impose their views.
Most Japanese go to both Shinto Shrines and Buddhist temples and tourists should do the same.
by Sensei 2 rate this post as useful

Japan Christian ~ Gam-ba-de 2008/12/22 16:35
Thank you guys for the information, I will visit Kyoto Gospel Church in January during my Kyoto hot spring trip. :)

God bless you all

God is my hope and my light everyday
by meg rate this post as useful

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