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Second hand camera shop 2005/10/18 06:51
I'm looking for a second hand camera shop anywhere in japan preferably with a website. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
by Conor Lynch  

used stuff 2005/10/20 11:57
Try the in Akihabara,Tokyo.
by TW rate this post as useful 2006/10/30 15:47
try out, they have several stores here, the Shinjuku one is good.

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Akihabara 2006/10/30 19:37
There's a Sofmap at Akihabara, just near the Laox Computer store in the back streets. It sells second hand photostuff there.
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english please 2007/12/5 19:42
since i can't read katakana language , where the store that publsih in english...thx before
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... 2007/12/5 22:43
Hi, you'll struggle to find places with English website I'm afraid. As above I'd recommend the Softmap in Akihabara. Come out of the Electric town exit (make sure it is the side with electronics stores with the visible escalator in the window). Go right here up to the main road. Go right, underneath the train line. On the opposite side of the road, a little way up you should be able to see a big Softmap. This is worth checking out as they do 2nd hand cameras here as well. However, behind this shop is a street with another Softmap, often cheaper (close to Tsukumo). Along this back street there are loads of other shops. Continuing on from here you'll hit a main road. Almost opposite there is another street. There are really loads of these shops, some with refurbished cameras, on streets parallel to the main road. As for websites, I don't know any of these that have English sites. However, with one camera, I later found the flash didn't work. I had no problem though replacing this in Europe on provision of the receipt. There are plenty of stores in Nishi (west) Shinjuku. From what I've seen there are more 2nd hand ones though in Akiba.
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english please.... 2007/12/7 16:52
no i mean, the web site with English literature...
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probably no English website 2007/12/8 09:11
Paul said at the beginning of his post that there may be no second hand camera shops with English websites. I agree with him. The main customers here are Japanese and English is not often provided.
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