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buying laptop 2005/10/20 15:14
i want to buy laptop sony vaio model pcg-c1msx. this is not uptodate laptop, it's about the year of 2002 or 2003 model.could you show me to sell it.i going to japan in 2 month and only stay for 2 day,time doesn't support for me to explore but come and get it.
thank. i looking your replies
by hoangson  

. 2005/10/22 13:03
Where in Japan are you going?
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reply 2005/10/24 11:18
I'm going to Tokyo, it could be shinjoku
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help! 2005/10/26 10:07
knock ..knock
is there anyone know where to sell laptop sonyvaio pcg-c1msx?
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. 2005/10/27 06:26
Go to secondhand computer shops such as Sofmap at Shinjuku or Akihabara.

For example, there should be stock of C1MSX at Sofmap Shinjuku 4 as of today.

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Kyoto stores? 2005/10/27 11:47
is there any similar stores in Kyoto or Kansai area?
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osaka 2005/10/27 12:53
Osaka is good for laptops, Nipponbashi, (denden town) is good, i went to Sofmap on the edge of Nipponbashi, got a sony vaio for 79,000 yen with 4-year warranty
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buying laptop 2005/10/27 17:57
thank so much for my friend's help
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Me too 2005/11/5 17:46
I am going to japan in 2 weeks just for 2 days and I wanted to grab a laptop if they were much cheaper, I am flying into Narita (sp?) and staying nearby, any suggestions on where to go?
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laptop secondhand 2005/12/26 18:28
I live in Vietnam. I want to buy secondhand Laptop in Japan, but do not know how to buy.
Please, advise me how to purchase?
Nguyen Van Minh.
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how to buy ?? 2005/12/27 16:27
You want to know how to buy a notepc NOT where to buy ?
You mean you want to do net-shopping in Vietnam ?
Do you read japanese ?
How much is your budget ?

You should know that few people can help you by little information.
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Correction 2005/12/27 16:33
I misunderstood.
Pls disregard 2nd & 3rd Q.
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laptop secondhand 2005/12/28 13:49
Dear Sir,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, i want to buy secondhand Laptop in Japan. but it very difficult for me cause, I can not read Japaness text.
Please, give us some address that i can contact, give us some instruction to buy a good one.
At the moment, I have a plan to buy 20 pcs IBM Thankpad T23.
Our forwarder in Japan will pick-up the good in Japan.
Nguyen Van Minh
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It's not easy 2005/12/29 01:10
Yes, thinkpad is good.But many people think so too.
It's not easy to find the good one.
For instance, I found T23 on the net in the morning, but it was sold now.
And also, buying secondhand pc is a bit risky.
Net is better to find, but I don't recommend becayse you cant read japanese.
This URL is just for your info.

Go to Akihabara in Tokyo.
Sofmap is famous(7 seems to be secondshop).
Walk around Akihabara area in which there are many secondhand shops.
You may find the good one. When you find it, check if it works well and they guarantee for...e.g. 1 yr.
Good luck
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Me too 2006/2/8 09:59
I also want to have a second hand laptop. Can you suggest where can I get cheaper. I am staying near Kawasaki area
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Me too! 2006/3/6 12:26
I am going to FUKUOKA in a month and I want to take a laptop, second hand laptop is best, Any one know where to get it in FUKUOKA
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PC 2006/4/3 03:01
There are a few Applied shops in Fukuoka that sell some used laptops and PCs, at least they were a few years ago when I was there. Look at www.applied-net.co.jp
for their site.

Actually, getting a used PC is often a waste of money -- with new machines that are much faster coming out all the time, finding a good value for your money is very hard. Often you get a better value to get a new machine.
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buying laptop 2006/4/13 15:32
I am a new commer at okayama. I want to buy a laptop. can anyone tell me where i can buy? where is shop? I need english version and living now in tsushima.
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buy secondhand laptop via internet 2006/6/18 00:26
if it is possible can any body tell me from where I can buy japanees second hand laptop online?
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Akiharbara 2006/6/19 04:14
Akiharbara, is the electrical district of Tokyo, quite frankly a crazy place, it is possible to get almost any electrical thig you want, also tax free if you have your passport plus you can haggle over the price! Something as a Scotsman I felt due to bound to teach to my students, who were shocked that one could haggel over prices!!!
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