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What is the meaning of the name Kenzo? 2005/10/27 15:44
What is the meaning of the name Kenzo?
by Lynn  

It depends on 2005/10/28 14:41
how to write Kenzo in Kanji(Chinese Characters)

By the way, is he a wrestler?
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some sites that can help 2008/2/6 03:32
Looking for the meaning of the name Kenzo, I found this site:

Meaning:Wise and three
Pronunciation:(KEN zo)
Form of: Kenzou
Additional info:The Japanese name Kenzou may be written with the characters for ''intelligent; wise'' (ken) and ''three'' (zou). Other possibilities include the characters for ''healthy'' or ''humble'' for 'ken' and ''three'' or ''create; make'' for 'zou'. Kenzo is the usual English transcription of the Japanese name Kenzou (pronounced with a long vowel 'o'). Famous bearers include the fashion designer Kenzo Takada.''

About Kenzo written in kanji, I hope this site help you

sorry my English ^,^ hugs from Brazil
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many ways to write it 2008/2/6 08:17
Most Japanese names can be written using various kanji. Without seeing the actual kanji that person is using for his name, we can only guess. "Ken" in particular has all kinds of kanji.
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The meaning of Kenzo in japanese 2008/8/29 04:55
Kenzo is an old japanese name.. it means gifted treasure house if you write the kanji one way and big elephant if you write it in kanji another way... my son' s name is kenzo. My father-in-law helped to name him... It is a very strong japanese name
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Kathy is right 2008/10/18 03:13
My son is also called Kenzo. Ken means elegance. (It is also a name for a pattern of kimono fabric.) Zo means treasure house.

It can be written more than one way with different meanings, but I don't think it means "wise" or "three".
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zo (三) does mean 3 2008/10/18 07:29
Actually, the "zo"of Kenzo often does mean "three". Names ending in "zo" are often given to the third son in a family. One example is Shinzo Abe, a former Prime Minister of Japan, whose name is written "晋三"- even if you can't read kanji you can see for yourself that the last kanji means 3.

The fashion designer Kenzo Takada's name is written "賢三", so as you can see the "zo" means 3 here as well. I would say that that meaning for "zo" in a name is probably the most common.

This is why you can't say that a Japanese name means anything in particular unless you know the kanji for it- there are usually many variations.

You rarely come across boys or young men called Kenzo these days, you usually find that men called Kenzo are in their 60s or older.
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Sira is right 2008/10/18 14:01
And even if you know the meaning of the letters used in the name, it doesn't necessarily mean that those meanings were the parents' intention.
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