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Fashion in Japan 2005/11/23 04:30
I am an 18 year old girl in Ontario, Canada. I plan on going to school for fashion design, and I am totally fascinated and inspired by Japanese fashion. I am wondering if anyone knows of ANY websites, relating to Japanese fashion, online shopping, the history of Japanese fashion, basically anything to do with the fashion movements in Japan. I am interested in the teen fashion apsect, and I am interested in ALL aspects of teenage Japanese fashion, however I dont rememeber all the names (I can recall harajuku, cosplay.. something that starts wtih a G...) SO If anyone has any websites relating to any of this, that would be great.
Also, if anyone happens to know what the all different fashion 'titles' are (example: harajuku, cosplay, etc) a list would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows where I can find online photo galleries of teenage japanese fashion I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks so so so MUCH!! Also, you could directly email me at kaela_wayla@hotmail.com
Sorry this is so long, and all responses are really appreciated!!!! Kaela xoxo
by Kaela  

some websites 2005/11/24 10:36
I'm not sure what you want to know, but try these websites.

list of fashion magazines published in Japan

list of cool shops in Harajuku

list of online shops. categorised by fashion style.
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I hope this will help 2005/11/25 13:03
If you're interested in teen fashion, you should try typing the word "lolita" into the wikipedia database. It will give you a thorough history of an extremely popular type of street fashion in Japan. Also, you might want to look at a book called "Fresh Fruits" which is a picture book of of Tokyo street fashion.

Here are some sites you might want to visit as well:


Victorian Maiden

Innocent World

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Angelic Pretty

Emily Temple Cute
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japan fashion 2006/1/17 00:49
also try:

elegant gothic lolita
gothic lolita
elegant gothic aristocrat

good websites:

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i know tons!! 2006/1/23 04:27
there are many websites such as www.asiajam.com

and also there is a great book you would love called FRUiTS by Aoki Soichi that is sole in Borders,Barnes & Nobles and online!!!
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Try AsiaJam 2006/1/25 06:01
I found this site


seems to have most of the stuff you are looking for. I think asiajam mite be selling their clothes on ebay as well.
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try planet-walrus ebay store 2006/2/11 13:47
I found loads (over 1000) of Japanese Fashion sub-genre clothes at planet walrus ebay store go to ebay and search for planet-walrus ebay store (i think their user id is easterngypsy)
Awesome finds & I especially love the prices!

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Lolita and other styles of fashion 2006/6/5 10:38
it has photos of clothing and info, i use it for my assignment
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go to JAPAN!1 2006/7/31 16:21
GO TO JAPAN!!!!... it will change your life, anything you knew about Fashion, Art, Music, and Architecture will be challenged. they do whatever they want, and it somehow all looks good. by the way, there's a store in harajuku im trying to find online. its clothes with polynesian tribal and japanese art techniques are mixed and applied on them. if any body knows this store please tell me.
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this site will help with the names 2007/4/20 11:38

nd japanese fashion is a great thing to be studying. i used to live in japan. nd recently moved. i loved it :]
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Good site 2007/5/4 01:53
You might find this site useful


They also provide shopping agent service in Japan so you can get Japanese stuff via them.

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I wear tons of Jfashions... 2007/6/4 16:56
As well as lolita, there's also kodona/dandy/ouiji (the boystyle of lolita), Japanese Punk (look for punk brands like h.NAOTO - they're a different style to American punk. I only like/wear Japanese punk), visual (which comes from the music style Visual Kei, where the look counts too, so everything looks good, half the guys look like gorgeous girls, and they're all very fashionable), decora (the layers and layers of clothes and multiple brightly coloured hairclips), and a couple of others like ura fashion (i think) which is like harajuku fashion...etc etc ^^ and cosplay isn't a fashion by the way, it's where you dress up like your favourite bandmember/anime character/etc.
Hope that helped at all *loves japanese fashion ^-^*
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I know they asked 2 years ago but... 2007/8/2 03:49
...Issey Mikaye is the most famour Japanese designer (well, the only one I've heard of anyway).
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No Heels No Life 2007/9/17 10:56

The above article gives a brief descriptions of some fashion styles in Japan, particularly in Tokyo (onee-kei, hime, decora, manba, gothic and lolita). Some other styles I know of are: b-kei (hip-hop style), and onii-kei (male version of onee-kei). You can probably find some info or pictures by searching these terms in Google.
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Japanese fashion for males 2007/12/14 20:40
This is less of an answer and more of a question. I am a very open minded guy from the deep south (Alabama), and I have become "addicted" to using Japanese street wear for my personal clothing design ideas. I was trying to find more sites on Japanese MALE fashion trends that are blowing up the streets in Japan but all I can find is girls fashion and cosplay sites. Is there anywhere on the net that has more male fashion to choose from?
THANKS- this would mean Alot!
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Men's Japanese Fashion 2007/12/19 14:06
TSB, I've used a good online eBay store to purchase Japanese tees and hoodies before.


They have a big range of Japanese gear on there at good prices, but it's mostly tees - not many jeans and no women's.

Cheers, Tom
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shibuya 2007/12/19 15:07
If you have a chance to visit Tokyo, please go to a fashion complex building called "Shibuya 109",which is known as the mecca of the young girls'fashion. The town of Shibuya has always been the cradle of young fashion. You can see their website too.
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Website 2008/4/15 08:39
visusky.com has really cool japanese goth/punk and cosplay stuff. Real expensive though...
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try out 2008/8/10 17:42
Hy different Japanese StyleLs I know are: Visual Kei
Oshare Kei
Decora Kei
kawaii Lolita
Gothik Lolita
kuro Lolita
classic Lolita
punk Lolia
maid Lolita
Cosplay Lolita
Star Cosplay

Some PictureLs of Lolita are at:

You should check out:
Lolita Kisama
Baby the Stars Shine
Angelic Pretty

Hope I could help you!!!!
Bye Christin

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