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I have a question about mailing 2005/11/27 12:28
Hi guys!
I have a friend who lives in Nara Japan. I am going to send her a card via postal services. It is just a normal everyday Halmark* Card. Nothing more nothing less. My question is, what is the estimated price to send it to her, and where do I go to send it? Can I do all of this at my local United States Postal Service office?

Thanks in advance,
by Kayla  

.. 2005/11/27 19:46
I think the stamp should be under $2 to mail a card to Japan. USPS will ship to Japan. Just remember to write JAPAN right under her address so that the letter will be sent out to Japan.
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Ok Thanks 2005/11/28 01:21
Ok, thank you very much mail.
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.. 2005/11/28 11:35
Yes the USPS sends it, I forgot the exact price but it was like around 80-90cents. Bring it to the post office and they will sell you the correct postage.
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Thanx 2005/11/28 11:41
Ok, thanks ~
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mailing Sake 2007/7/25 11:55
also is it possible to mail a bottle of Sake to the US without restrictions?
Thank you
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. 2007/7/26 04:47
Generally a bottle of sake should not pose any problems. Make sure you fill out all the customs forms correctly and package it so it doesn't break.
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