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Manga's for Girls? 2005/12/16 14:15
I was wondering if any of you ladys (or guys if you know) could give some info on good Manga's for girls?

My Girlfriend is Japanese and I remeber her saying..hmm..something about a Manga with the lead character who's name was "Apple" I belive..she was a teacher and it was basicly a romance novel about this one girl in a kind of love triangle..but I could be wrong..I still can't remeber the name of that manga..but all her friends read it I guess so I would assume it's populer in Japan.

Anyways if any of you ladys would mind, could you tell me some of your favorite Mangas? Anything will do :-)

The only one I have found was "Kiss me, Kiss me" that seemed like it might be a nice one for her. But I'll take any suggestions on Manga's for a teenage girl ^_^

Thank you for your time.

by Dave  

Just one idea 2005/12/17 13:08
I like "Love Hina" myself wich is kind of a comedy but it does have a lot of perverted jokes so I guess that is not what you are looking for..but my sister reads a few I'll ask her.
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Nodame Cantabile 2005/12/17 13:23
Nodame Cantabile by Ninomiya Tomoko is really funny and enjoyable. Recommendable for both those much interested in classical music AND those not so much.
(It's available in English as well)
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Thanks ^_^ 2005/12/17 13:38
Thank you very much about "Nodame Cantabile" ^_^ I just read the description that would be a really good one I think ^_^ My Girlfriend played the piano for 4 years so I think this kind of story would apeal to her ^_^ Any more suggestions would be great ^_^

P.S. I own some "Love Hina" and I don't think that is for her..
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manga for girls 2005/12/17 14:43
'Nana' is good and i heard
it has the movie by mika
nakashima and aoi.
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Thats it!! ^_^ 2005/12/17 14:57
"Nana"..hmm..thats it ^_^ That's the one she says she likes a lot ^_^ I don't know why I said "Apple" (must be a diffrent one she mentioned once..) but Nana is it I just checked ^_^ Thank you that was driving me Crazy trying to remeber that haha ^_^

I was kind of debating to buy her that one since it would be in English not Japanese..wich she likes because she can practice by reading something she enjoys in a diffrent language. I still might get her other ones that are diffrent but at least I know its a winner ^_^

Oh there making a moive about it? Probably only in Japan for the moment I assume..but still something to keep in mind, and something I can talk with her about.

Thanks again for telling me it was "Nana" ^_^

Thank you every one, keep those ideas comeing ^_^


the movie by mika
nakashima and aoi.

by baby
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another manga 2005/12/17 16:08
honey and clover

is very funny, plus its popular in japan because a movie comming out.

most girls like this manga.
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Thank you very much ^_^ 2005/12/18 13:58
Thank you very much ladys for all your help ^_^ I'm not into manga's very much and the ones I do have are definitly for guys. So when it came to girl Manga's I didn't have a clue.

Well I went to the book store, looked over all the ones you had mentioned and I couldn't decide so..I just bought them all ha ha ha ^_^

"Nana" definitly looks like something she would be interested in. Same goes for "Nodame Cantabile". I did pick up "Honey and Clover" but that one is kind of iffy. There was another one there I saw a girl looking at called "Kiss me, Kiss me" wich I guess is about a girl who pretends to be a guy so she can get close to one that she likes in a opposite school. Her cousin (male) switchs with her so she can attend the school with this hot guy but he has to pretend to be a girl at her school. It seemed funny so I picked that one up too.

My girlfriend likes reading in English so I am sure she will be entertained by them.

Thank you once again,

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Nana movie? 2005/12/28 19:45
Some of you ladys mentioned "Nana" wich I did give to my girlfriend and she enjoyed very much. But can you tell me more about the movie? Was it any good? I know the manga is extremly populer. But sometimes moives like that can flop.

If it's any good I can get the DVD from a Japanese web store, I want to buy it as a gift for out Anniversary ^_^

Thank you,
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Shoujo/josei manga 2005/12/29 04:28
The NANA movie was pretty successful in Japan. For one, it started Nakashima Mika who is a famous Jpop star. Plus the movies lead songs were two of the years best selling singles.

As for the movie, it follows the movie pretty well. But I should warn you that the manga is still running in Japan and the manga only covers maybe 1/3 of the manga. So the movie comes off as a bit more light-hearted than the manga (it doesn`t get to the more dramatic parts). But I liked it. I thought the actors were well chosen and like I said it followed the manga well. A sequel is in the works.

Some other manga I like are:
Kimi wa Petto/Tramps Like Us
Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo/ His and Her Circumstances
Zettai Kareshi!/Absolute Boyfriend!
Get You!
Paradise Kiss
Kare First Love
Love Monster

LOL I have more but I can`t think of them right now.
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Thank you ^_^ 2005/12/29 18:36
Thank You for all the useful info you gave to me about the movie ^_^ It's kind of a bummer that the movie dosn't cover all of the Manga..But oh well ^_^ I know she will like it ^_^ She lives in a little town so she dosn't have a big movie theater nearbye so she didn't make it to the movie. So I think she will enjoy seeing the DVD a lot.

Oh and Thank You for all the diffrent manga's ^_^ I'm still looking for more to give to her on our Anniversary so thank you for the help ^_^

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manga 2006/1/13 18:40
Azumanga Daioh, and Kareshi Kanojo no jijou (Kare Kano) are excellent girl's manga.
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I got something for you 2006/3/14 13:08
Alwighty then,their are millions o girl managa out their! Have you heard of Shojo manga? Well if it's titled with that on the side that it defenantly means ' for girls '.Some that i LOVE are stuff by Yu Watase like Fushigi Yugi ,Absolute Boyfriend and alot more! Well,if she is a romantic i sujest you look for those. their are so many great manga's out their I cant even sount them. Search for them on on line shops like JustManga,you know.I;ve heard that Peach Girl is a good one too,I havent read it though.Well,i wish you the best of luck in looking for your girls manga! I am sure she appreciats it. (^^)
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Sorry 2006/3/14 13:09
please excuse my HORRABLE typing!!!!
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Azumanga 2006/3/15 19:04
I saw Azumanga tv serie, but there are a manga too.

Its really funny. It talks about the adventures of some scholar girls.

Really funny :)
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Marmalade Boy 2006/3/16 10:14
It's sort of an oldie, but this is a really good manga and TV series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marmalade_Boy
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Mangas 2006/6/25 08:17
If your girlfriend is intrested in a great shojo (girl) manga with adventure, action and romance why not buy her some Yu Watase, she is the best manga-ka ever. She's the one who wrote the popular Fushigi Yughi: The Mysterious Play.
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Manga's 2006/6/26 00:37
I read the following manga's & I think U & UR GF will like it:

- Hana-Kimi
- Girl got game
- Imadoki
- Your & my secret
- wallflower
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Red River 2006/7/4 14:32
Red River by Chie Shinohara is a very good manga. It's a shojo, which, by your description, sounds like what your girlfriend's into. I highly recommend it! ^.^
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manga 2006/11/24 13:31
flower of a deep sleep, d.n.angel, or look in one of tokyopops manga books
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