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Where to buy Ninja Tabi Boots in Tokyo? 2006/1/16 23:01
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy Ninja Tabi shoes / boots in Tokyo? Strangely, I seem to be having some difficulty locating them.
by Kate  

strangely??? 2006/1/17 15:00
maybe you mean tabi shoes worn by construction workers? not ninjas...
Anyway, check in a hardware store.
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..... 2006/1/17 15:53
I called them Ninja boots because Tabi boots were worn by the Ninja (and I believe the ones worn by consruction workers are slightly different from the traditional variety). I hope I didnt confuse anyone. Thanks for your assistance.
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ninja/tabi boots??? 2006/1/17 17:41
I called them Ninja boots because Tabi boots were worn by the Ninja
(and I believe the ones worn by consruction workers are slightly different from the traditional variety).

I doubt that such a thing exists in the first place.
The only tabi you can wear without wearing shoes (I mean tranditional footwear like geta, zouri, etc.) is chika-tabi, which is the one construction workers are wearing.
Otherwise you should go to the specialists of stage/film costume, as ninja do not exist any longer, they do only in the films, stories and plays.
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wrong 2006/1/18 12:05
Maybe someone should do some research in any martial arts magazine or book on the ninja. The books talk about them and you can find them online at many places. I am ordering a pair myself.
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Thanks 2006/1/18 13:00
Thanks Syrus. I was hoping to be able to purchase a few pairs while I was here instead of ordering them online. I will try a hardware shop today.
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LOL 2006/1/18 13:03
I'm certainly no expert, but I thought that Japanese martial arts were generally performed barefoot.
The "genuine ninja boots" you see being sold online to gullible ninja wannabes look no different from those sold at DIY or manual labourers' clothing shops in Japan for a fraction of the price.
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Thanks for the info Dave (haha) 2006/1/18 13:47
Unless you are a martial artist and are familiar with the martial arts and the gear associated with them please keep your unsupported comments to yourself. I have a book on the ninja by Steven K. Hayes, who was trained under Masaaki Hatsumi who is the head of the Togakure Ryu, and I do believe they talk about this stuff. If not then there are countless other books by people who have trained in Japan who I am pretty sure could verify this information. And in case your wanting to know I am not a ninja wannabe, I practice aikido and kenpo. The boots I want are just for fun. Cool eh?
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So......... 2006/1/18 13:52
So..... Does anyone know where I can get Tabi boots from (apart from a hardware shop)?? Maybe a Martial Arts supply shop here in Tokyo - Does anybody know of one?
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Jikatabi 2006/1/18 14:14
If you don't mind paying department store prices, larger department stores might stock them. You could try Tobu or Seibu in Ikebukuro, Mitsukoshi in Shinjuku or Ginza, or Takashimaya in Shinjuku. The Ameyokocho district near Ueno might be a better place to look, though, as there are lots of small "shitamachi" type down-to-earth stores there.
Either way, you need to ask for "jikatabi" (not "chikatabi").
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. 2006/1/18 15:46
In Europe and America, there are sooooo many martial arts which boast themselves having the "genuine" art or origin of Japanese ninja/samurai, etc.
The strange thing is, you cannot find them in Japan. Even something that started in the US (by a Japanese) and have many branches in European countries, they have none in Japan.
Maybe ninja-boots (???) is one of those things.

地下足袋 is pronoucned both jikatabi and chikatabi, by the way. You can find both entries in Japanese dictionaries.
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. 2006/1/18 16:55
various 地下足袋
for matsuri (festivals)
for safety construction work

This company (Uni Work) is located in Kyoto but sell them online and deliver throughout Japan.
Tel: 0120-870-160
Fax: 0120-870-767
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Thanks 2006/1/18 18:49
Hi, Thanks for that. I actually came across some today at Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku. Thanks everyone for your replies.
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Sorry Dave 2006/1/19 13:07
Sorry for the rather harsh response Dave.
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so im in america 2006/1/31 08:22
does anyone know where you can get them in america? i kinda think it would be cool to have a pair, i work in construction during the summer. ive found some stores online, but i need a size 14 american, or 32 japanese! Can anyone point me in the right direction.
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To clear up any confusion 2006/2/11 09:47
Yeah Tabi are worn by practitioners of Bujinkan, known to most as 'ninjutsu' and are essential to ninjutsu training. I have looked in a few places for them, from martial arts stores, to the internet, all of which have them - but if youre looking for the best price ask anybody who does bujinkan - they get the best rpices and often get deals since they buy them in larger numbers than, well, anybody.
Those of you who were disparaging in your appraisal of "one man's search for tabi", in future if you dont have any help to offer maybe you shouldn't say anything. Bujinkan is real, ninjutsu is real and tabi are part of the uniform. If you want to prevent being so ignorant in future you should research it a bit before you post a reply. If you're interested in bujinkan, look it up in google under that heading or 'takamatsu' - he was the most recently famous master - and by the way Bujinkan is not a modern offshoot of some other more ancient art - its from early medieval japan and has been preserved perfectly from that era, which is particularly interesting if youre into history.
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Jakitabi 2006/2/22 20:53
Here's a link to where you can buy some jakitabi. They look like the ones purchased in Japan. Don't mess with the cheap velcro ones if you are serious.


Members of the Bujinkan wear the jakitabi during training. Some prefer to go barefoot however. Just watch who you partner up with. If you are interested in Bujinkan, do a Google search on Bujinkan or Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. Just watch out for the cheesy dojos that like to associate themselves with Hatsumi Sensai but are not. You will know them when you see them by the flashy ninjas everywhere.
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Real Ninja? 2006/7/15 22:29
I have been a practicioner of the martial arts for over 15 years now. I own a pair of tabi "ninja boots" that I got when I was a kid. I was so interested in Ninjutsu that I read everything I could get my hands on, and wathced every television programme I could find about the subject. Sadly, in all actuallity there is very little written historical record let concerning real "ninja". There most definately isn't any evidence to prove that the ninja ever wore, or even trained in uniforms. What's more likely is that the ninja uniform is a 20th century invention by movie makers. I know, I know, Sho Kosugi wore tabi bots, and a black ninja uniform and used a short, straight ninja-to, right? He lookedd totally authentic as a ninja, so it has to be real, right? Unfortunately, Sho Kosugi was never trained in any for of ninjutsu.

BTW, to the above person who got really upset and threw out Stephen Hayes as evidence of "real" ninjutsu: Be wary of any and all information that becomes available through someone who desires to promote or further their own agenda. Stephen Hayes has every interest in promoting the mystery and popularity of the modern ninja, regardless of how authentic it may or may not be.
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Yes...real ninja 2006/8/3 00:14
In response to history guy's warning...maybe I'm biased because I personally know Stephen Hayes (He was a mentor of my fathers and was even present when I was born), but just because someone has an agenda, doesn't mean they aren't honest and truthful in their actions. What you are are warning then in your post is to be wary of EVERYONE. Because EVERYONE has an agenda. Stephen Hayes has done much to clear up many of the myths about ninjutsu that people even spoke up in this thread. For a true martial artist, the greatest reward is from spreading the art, not spreading misinformation.
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ok 2006/8/4 00:16
sorted then, tabi boots can be found in general hardware stores, and with this valuable accessory you can continue to be a ninja, prowling around rooftops at night, assasinating people etc, or does anyone actually still do that?
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