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Baked beans in Nagoya? 2006/1/18 02:18
I'm really starting to crave good old beans on toast, but can only find American-style baked beans (as in 'pork and beans') in my local import supermarkets.

I know I can get them at the Elephants Nest pub in Fushimi (ouch - 600Y a portion!!), and I have a tin on order from FBC Britshop, but has anyone actually seen Heinz or HP beans in the shops in Nagoya?
by Bean-craving Brit  

Yamaya liquor store 2006/1/18 09:57
You can often find Heinz baked beans from the UK at branches of Yamaya liquor store, plus lots of other good - and very cheap! - imported foods. I just checked their website and it looks like they have recently opened in Nagoya - see news item about half-way down this page:
Their stock varies from week to week, so if you don't find what you're looking for the first time, try again in a week or two and you might be lucky.
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FBC Beans 2006/1/22 12:03
You could have got them cheaper through FBC Deli shop - not Brit Shop, they deliver within a week. Supermarket Valour sometimes have Heinz Beans with Sausages if you're lucky.
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another possibility 2006/1/26 23:07
Another possibility I just remembered is Daimaru Peacock supermarket. I don't know if they have any branches in Nagoya, but the ones in Tokyo stock a range of things from Waitrose (there is some kind of corporate tie-up) including decent tea bags and occasionally baked beans. Worth a look if you find one in Nagoya.
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well..... 2006/1/27 10:17
Never shopped for it in Nagoya. Have you tried Japanese beans? Such as soy beans?
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Thanks! 2006/1/29 13:30
Thanks very much for the info everyone, I'll give those a try!

cc, thanks for the suggestion - I do eat quite a few different Japanese bean products, but what I'm looking for is British-style baked beans in tomato sauce (the sauce is the important bit...). They are a very cheap and convenient food in the UK but seem to be rarer than gold dust here!

But I got my parcel from FBC so I'm OK for now (got HP sauce too - and a copy of 'Take a Break *lol*)
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... 2006/1/30 06:13
Baked beans in tomato sauce? What Kind of beans is it made out of?
Just curious.
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Baked beans 2006/1/30 07:51

I had a feeling you didn't quite understand what baked beans were. ;-)
The beans are actually haricot beans, which do look and taste similar to the soy beans used in Japanese "pork and beans". I am also fortunate in having a Yamaya near here where they sell Heinz beans.
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haricot? 2006/2/1 05:36
Looks like soybeans? Interesting.
It's not like lima beans or kidney or black beans is it?
What plant produces haricot beans?
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Baked beans... 2006/2/1 09:26
Haricot beans come from haricot bean plants. If you need any more information about baked beans, I suggest you have a look at the Wikipedia entry.
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A related bean question 2006/4/18 07:55
Is there any place in Nagoya to buy Mexican food supplies, such as pinto beans and tortillas?
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Hotels 2006/7/2 00:51
Lots of Western hotels in major Asian cities with breakfast buffets serve British-style baked beans. Haven't seen fish sticks yet, though. :-)
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heinz beans 2008/6/4 18:00
I have never found a single can of heinz baked beans in japan yet...heinz japan was apparently selling them here a while back, but they weren't to the liking of the japanese population.
If someone can tell me where to find them(they aint in yamaya here in nagoya !)I would be very grateful.
Or if someone knows a decent website where I can order in bulk that would be sweet too!

dan the brit
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beans 2008/6/5 03:33
Haricot is actually the French name for white beans. Lima beans are "feves" in French and red beans are called in French "haricots rouges". In Quebec they use different names which is, at first, very confusing and frustrating for French people from Europe.
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Baked beans 2008/6/5 08:07

We have a Yamaya locally (in Saitama) which sells Heinz baked beans (saw them there last year), so they do exist, although that won't be much use for someone in Nagoya. They weren't cheap either.
Also, Tesco stores (again in Tokyo area at least) sell Tesco beans at a reasonable price.
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... 2008/6/5 08:34
you can order them by the case at http://www.fbcusa.com but they take about a month to arrive.
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everywhere, everywhere 2008/6/5 11:47
Have a look at the Baked Bean discussion on http://haikugirl.wordpress.com/2008/04/30/hard-to-find-in-na...

There are many places to get them if you are willing to spend 450 yen a can.

The www.meaguy.com site ahs them and I go to Yamaya at Fujigaoka (in Nagoya) and they are always there.

You could try Mediya in Sakae. They usually have them too.

BTW which Yamaya did not have baked Beans. The underground one in Sakae?
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Im in contact with heinz U.K..... 2008/6/5 23:02
Hi all, Im currently on to Heinz U.K with regard to getting some beans from them sent to a supermarket somewhere here in nagoya,and also hopefully getting a batch (slightly damaged)delivered to me-which if it becomes regular I can sell on to you at an affordable price.
I will be back with more news if things pan out....
keep you posted!
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heinz beans! 2008/6/5 23:08
Haven't managed to find any beans in Meidiya in Sakae.
Haven't looked in Yamaya yet,let me know if they have any beans !
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... 2008/6/10 16:22
Michael Riley probably meant to post this site (and my favorite butcher in all of Japan):


Scroll down to see the beans.

A 415g can is 480 yen but they are currently sold out. They do have a 3kg can for 2720 yen in stock though.

Looks like the going rate is around 100 yen per 100g regardless of where you buy them.
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