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male model agencies in Tokyo 2006/1/22 19:31
I would like to know how one can try out modeling in Japan. It seems all agencies only hire females and not males.
by cresto  

I'm sure 2006/1/23 12:27
I'm sure there are male model agencies, for hair styles and clothing.
by christy rate this post as useful

modeling agencies in Japan Tokyo 2006/2/24 22:20
Well, there are many guy / male modeling agencies. But the pay is very low, I know that they would pay you 20,000 yen for a Tv Spot, even with a speaking role. And if you go to the casting / audition is very expensive cause you have to pay out of your own pocket for the train. Some agencies are really bad, they will expect you to say yes to every job and even say yes to the pay. They wont tell you the details of the job. Because they just want you to go. I know some friends who have done a job for a company and they didnt even get paid. The agency said they will get paid 6 months latter, but never got paid. If you join an agency and they didnt ask you for your bank information so you get paid, then be careful. IMO agency is one of these agencies that havent for services. And they will force you to do a job. Be careful. Other agencies that take Males are Lazaris / Freewave and gunns model. Good luck
by Frank Williams rate this post as useful

model agencies 2006/3/29 13:24
Try Junes and K&M and Lazaris
They are all good and deal with allsorts of people. As long as you are always honest with them, and let them know your schedule they are very nice!
by Faithy K rate this post as useful

All freelance agencies take also men 2006/6/19 23:22
There are two types of model agencies: agencies who recruit / bring their own, contracted models from abroad. They focus on fashion models, usually with working experience abroad. Many of those agencies handle only women. It is basically impossible to work for those agencies except you are very special or you have experience. Examples are Friday, Bravo, Evviva.

The second type are freelance agencies. They take basically everybody into their files, men and women, young and old. If the casting agency or customer is looking for one special kind of person they send your information and photo, and if you are lucky you get the job. Often you have to pass an audition against many competitiors.

Usually you can not make a living out of this and this is some extra money and / or interesting experience. However, be aware that lot's of this jobs are extra jobs for movies, tv-shows, posters etc. You won't get the front page of a magazine. In some cases you are the type which is needed for e.g. a TV commercial. Examples are the agencies mentioned by the others above, but alltogether there are about 15 agencies specialized on foreigners.
by John rate this post as useful

interesting 2006/6/19 23:50
I have a question that is a little off-topic. I am currently graduating as a fashion photographer here in Europe. I'm interesting in working in Japan as a photographer but I find it very hard if not impossible to find info about this on the net. I know it all depends on this and that...language and contacts, but are there any foreign (fashion) photographers in Japan? How big or small are the chances to find work as a foreing photographer in Japan?
by hazuki boy rate this post as useful

Acting in Japan 2006/10/27 11:50
To clearify the want for acting. I have been acting in Japan for about 13 years and have done about 30 or more spots in commercials and dramas. I'm glad I had TV expereince before coming to Japan , as it helped. The pay ranges from 45,000 to over ?00,000. It depends on the client company's market place. If they're little...they pay little. If they're big...they pay more. And of course your agent takes cut. Don't argue over money....if you don't like the polite and decline. This is Japan...and you will not receive royalties as in America. Have fun and enjoy it while your here. If you have talent,,,,,by all means....use it! And again, have some fun while at it.
by Mike R. rate this post as useful

Model Agency 2006/11/19 10:55
Slightly off topic but I have done a little research on children's modelling agencies and have not really come across any. My daughter (5 years old) is modelling here in Singapore at present and when we move to Japan it would be nice for her to continue. Do you know of any agency in particular I should contact?

I appreciate your suggestions
by MG rate this post as useful

Answer for MG in Singapore 2006/11/24 15:17
MG- to answer your question about child model agencies in Japan. Yes, there are many good ones. However, I'm not familiar with how much they pay or which are best. I've worked with children on TV, but they were with other agencies. And, it depends on where your going to be located....and the competition. Once your here ask around....but DO NOT fall for the scam: "Pay our agency 40,000 and we'll put your kids on TV". If someone approaches on the street and tells you this...walk away. Just ask around and you'll find a good agency.
by Mike R. rate this post as useful

Thanks Mike 2006/12/2 16:14
That's really helpful. Money isn't really the issue, more to do with her growing confidence.

Have spoken to her agency here and they have said that they will try and help with recommending her to agencies out there.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.
by MG rate this post as useful

Agencies for children 2006/12/8 12:40
Try Sugar and Spice (, e-promotion ( or K&M Promotion. Good luck!
by Agencies for children rate this post as useful

male agencies in tokyo 2007/1/8 07:19
hi!! i'm french and i did some photos shoots with proffessional photographer and i would like to send photos to model agencies because i would like to do a career in japan if it's possible could help me . could give me address of agencies please because i don't find them. thank you
by francois rate this post as useful

A.S.O 2007/1/16 19:02
I would like to know if anybody has ever heard anything about the model agency called A.S.O.? I've never done anything like modelling before, so they asked me to either pay a professional photographer or to take some photos by myself. They haven't asked me for a bank account yet. I would like to know if this agency is one of the decent ones or just a complete waste of time!
by Thomas rate this post as useful

answer for Francios & Thomas 2007/3/29 11:25
Francois: Sorry I don't know of an agency to help you. It all depends on where you would like to model. Once you know where it is you'll be located, then it is easy for someone to refer you to an agency.
Thomas: I have not heard of A.S.O. agency. However, if you tell me what area of Japan it is located I could then possibly get more info for you. I'm not a pro-celeb. but have over 13 years of TV acting experience here and like to help newcomers out. I've seen some people get scammed. And, have seen some find the right agencies. Good luck.
by Mike R. rate this post as useful

Modelling 2007/3/30 08:40
I have done modelling and promotions for many years in Australia here. Many of the problems Frank describes are not limited to japan but even occur in professional agencies. The whole organisation isnt so well constructed - If it runs smooth everything works well you wont notice the problems. If a problem occurs it tends to really screw you over.
I quit the scene last year swearing to never return (for the second time). I did look into it when I goto japan but found out its pretty much the same as here. Scams exsist here also.
I hope you find a good agent and have no problems at all :) Its not a fulltime job but does bring some extra $$ in at the end :)
by Kevin rate this post as useful

Varies on the type of work 2007/9/3 12:53
The type of agency depends of what type of work you are after. And also depends on how you sell your book. High end places like bravo are great for Big Name clients, but they are very picky unless you have tearsheets.
lazarus do provide you with work, but the cliental isnt always as big.

It all depends what type of work you are after. I am photographer here in Tokyo helping models get jobs. If you want to see the type of work I do, or want to contact me on

by Daneil rate this post as useful

Try 2007/10/27 07:23
Someone already said this but you should seriously try with Junes modeling agency. When I was a little girl that is who I worked for. They are excellent people there, try and see if you can speak to Mari (pronounced Madi) if she is still there. She was the one I worked with a lot. She is a perfect angel and excellent with children.
by Ashley rate this post as useful

male modeling agencys inTokyo 2007/12/18 06:55
Hi. I am in Tokyo now , thought would be cool do some reserch in Capital
Is anyone knows how i can concat with male models agencys, there are some but can't found it.
Please.Could you send me some details
by arkadiusz rate this post as useful

Acting in Japan? Mike? 2008/1/30 17:02
I have done acting in my home country professionally. And have an agent back home but need a GOOD agent here. I have found lots of agents but dont know which are the best. Does anyone know?
by Ed rate this post as useful

K&M Promotions is the best! 2008/2/20 21:45
My daughter works fairly regularly with K&M promotions in Tokyo. On their website they feature both Japanese and foreign models of all ages, shapes, and sizes. I highly recommend them. They are so friendly, and really good with my children. Even though my son has never had a job with them, they always hold his little hand on the way to my daughter's auditions, and treat him so well. My children look forward to seeing one of the agents in particular, and say they miss him if we haven't seen him in a while. They also pay a higher percentage from what I've heard. I cannot say enough positive things about them. Good Luck!
by Laurel rate this post as useful

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