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Filipino communities in Tokyo? 2006/1/25 05:06

I am considering moving to Tokyo permanently in the future as I have many friends here. I will also bringing along my mother since she is elderly. However, I am worried that my mother who is 66 years of age, may feel alone as she is Filipino American and only speaks Filipino and English.

Does anybody know if there are any Filipino communities in or near Tokyo? Any little neighborhoods? And this might be a long shot, but any Filipino senior groups or programs.

Thanks to everybody in advance!

by Glenn  

... 2006/1/27 15:42
There are tons of Filipino communities in or near Tokyo, or in fact all over Japan. But I have the impression that the majority of Filipino/a's in Japan are younger housewives married to Japanese men, or younger workers.

In any case, I think it totally depends on the person. Even if there are communities, some people can't get used to the way of life in a foreign country. On the other hand, many people won't mind living anywhere in the world, even if they're old, don't speak the language, or don't have similar expat friends.

It would be best if you can come first, take a look, and have your mother come over if you think Japan would suit her. But you should also keep in mind various issues such as visas, medical care and housing.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Thanks Uco! 2006/1/28 18:17
Hi Uco!

Thanks for your feedback and advice! Just out of curiousity, could you throw out some names of areas that you THINK there might be large numbers of Filipinos. I'm actually already living here temporarily but just love it here! I definitely would fall into the second category of people who can live anywhere even if I don't speak the language. In fact, that makes it even more fun! haha.. However, in my situation, I am supporting my mom and want to make sure she feels comfortable living here also. So I thought it might be a good idea to find some familiarity for her while she gets used to the Japanese way of living. The only luck I've had so far has been going to churches as many Filipino people are religious.

The more I do research online, I think you are right in that there are a large number of Filipino wives of Japanese men. (Hey, with all the foreigners taking the Japanese women, the Japanese men gotta do something, right?)

So I guess chances are pretty slim that there would be a big community of Filipino seniors.

Again, thanks for your help and if anybody else has some info, please share...

by Glenn rate this post as useful

reply 2006/1/28 20:59
Sorry, I have no idea about areas with large communities, but I really have the impression that they are everywhere. Perhaps the Philipine Embassy might be able to help you since you're already here in Japan.

But in my very humble opinion, I suppose that if you (or actually your mother) are the type of person who seeks communities, you should live at a place where you say your friends are.

Also, definitely the best place to ask about communities for people from Catholic cultures is the churches, and I'm sure your mother will feel more at home if there is a church she can attend regularly. I live in Yokohama, and I know that a lot of my Filipina friends go to the Yamate church here. But again, there are Catholic churches all over Japan.

Also, whatever your nationality is, I guess that people who support families tend to live where there are more job opportunities.
by Uco rate this post as useful

around Tokyo 2006/1/29 13:22
Hi, if you want to see where the Filipinos are, go to The Franciscan church in Roponggi on Sundays and you will meet them there. Also, go to the Arisugawa park, near the National Azabu, you should see lots on any day.
Enjoy your move.
by Carrie rate this post as useful

Thanks!!! 2006/1/29 15:24
Maraming salamat Carrie!!!!

by Glenn rate this post as useful

Meguro Church 2006/2/6 13:34
Hi Glenn!

There are also many Filipinos that go to Meguro Church on Sundays. Adachiku and Kawaguchi are two other areas also. If you also ever feel like you need help or counseling, you can contact KAFIN thru the Center for Japanese-Filipino Familes (CJFF) Here's their website:

I believe their goal is to raise the awareness that there is a growing number of Japanese-Filipino families. Good luck with your move and enjoy your stay!
by Pinoyboy rate this post as useful

A Filipino website 2006/2/7 19:24
Hi there....I'm living here in Chiba Prefecture,medyo malayo sa Tokyo.At first it's hard to find friends here in Japan....but there is a website na kung saan ay pwede kang magtanong anything you want to ask about living here in is the website.... (kung may mali man,please just search Timog Forum)..maraming kababayan dyan na makakapag turo ng gusto mong malaman....I'm a member too...I'm Japphi sa website....looking forward for a nice/good stay here in Japan.
by Leslie rate this post as useful

Hi Glenn 2006/2/14 17:46
Have you visited the timog site? what do you think of it? Napasyal ako ng Tokyo last November and was kind of homesick for some chika-chika, so I walk around, and yes, I ask some question about a catholic church from this forum. Hope you are enjoying winter there.
by Carrie rate this post as useful

A Friendly Filipino Community in Japan 2008/7/15 22:42
This is just a new established Filipino Online Community in Japan called japPinoy. Check and see it yourself what this site is all about.

Happy reading :)
by japPinoy rate this post as useful

same question 2008/9/11 18:34
I would like to ask where in japan is there a high concentration of filipinos and are ther any filipino stores? thank you
by Michelle Wong rate this post as useful

hi sa lahat ng mga pinoy! 2008/12/12 22:22
yup,,maraming pinoy store sa sa kawasaki me store dun name ng store is "manila"..u can rent tapes din mga movie natin sa pinas or teleserye..then sa kinscho merun din,,,anyway malayo na cgro yun but im sure marami pang bagong pinoy store..just ask me again kung d kapa nkakakita ng pinoy store..
by shiela rate this post as useful

More churches 2009/3/22 23:59
I went to the Ignatius church near the Yotsuya station today, I think there are many Filipinos attending the English service.
by Daiva (guest) rate this post as useful

Ichihara 2009/5/18 11:20
There is quite a large community of Filipino people who live in Ichihara. Ichihara is in Chiba Prefecture. It might not be helpful for those who live in Tokyo but if you want to meet fellow Filipinos, that is the place to be, particularly at the Catholic Church there. Take the Sobu Rapid from Tokyo to Chiba Station. Either stay on the train or transfer to the Uchibo Line, and get off at Goi Station.
by Abram (guest) rate this post as useful

filipino forum in japan 2011/2/22 14:22
Try this one. I think they have active Filipino members here..
by momotata rate this post as useful

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