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Any horror/haunted houses in Tokyo? 2006/2/7 19:18

Me and my friend really like horror, scary movies. By any chance, are there any horror/haunted houses (entertainment, not real, haha) in Tokyo?

Thanks in advance!
by Glenn  

LaQua/Tokyo Dome 2006/2/10 19:11
The LaQua complex attached to Tokyo Dome has a "haunted house" attraction called "The 13 Doors". I haven't been inside, so can't say much about it, but the website may have some more details:

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Haunted Houses 2006/2/10 22:50
I think there is a haunted house (or there used to be) at Decks or Aquacity in Odaiba. Joypolis out there may also have some movie themed haunted-type rides.
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.. 2006/2/11 04:25
The sunshine city complex in Ikebukuro is said to be REALLY haunted, as its built on top of a former prison.

Though I don' think there are any haunted attractions there. But nice shopping.
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fuji-Q highlands 2006/2/11 04:42
Not exactly in Tokyo Ku, but loacated kinda close to Tokyo is an amusement park called FujiQ highlands. It is supposed to house the largest haunted house in the world. As an added attraction there are several rollercoasters worth checking out.
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any hunted houses in tokyo 2008/3/26 14:52
i wanna know if there areany hunted houses in tokyo in real... nt falk
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real haunted buildings 2008/3/26 16:26
There are probably not many buildings in Tokyo old enough to be haunted, as most of the city was destroyed twice in the 20th century. I have seen programmes on TV saying that various buildings are supposed to be haunted- a business hotel in Shinjuku is one that I remember.
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well... 2008/3/26 16:45
dont think this is what you meant but I saw this event is at a horror house. ??

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