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kanji symbol for inner peace? 2006/2/11 11:49
i have always wanted a tattoo for inner peace. but more recently i'm at the point in my life where i am finding inner peace and thought that the kanji symbol would be appropriate to mark such a time in my life.
by inner peace  

. 2006/2/14 00:08
I have this on my shoulder -

which is 'Inner Strength'...
by Sutefu rate this post as useful

??? 2006/2/14 13:37
I'm new at this, so can someone explain how that says "Inner Strength" Doesn't it say "Kahu"?
As far as I know that doesn't mean anything...
by TheRage800 rate this post as useful

meaning 2006/2/14 14:31
カ means power/strong/train

心 means mind/spirit/heart

Just asked some Japanese people in my office.
Those kanji are great and have a nice meaning.
But its not a word in Japanese if you put them together.

Its like having a tatoo that says:
I have an awesome heart

Nice characters..ive seen much funnier kanji tatoos in Japan though.
My friend has one on his bum that says Azi (taste)!

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tattoo 2006/2/14 15:51
why get a tattoo in a language you dont speak or understand? I could give you a kanji, tell you its inner peace, and you would believe it even though it could be completely different. I suggest you take a look around this website before you end up permanently inked with some foolish gibberish. Oh and kanji are not symbols. They are characters and there is a difference.

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sutefu's tattoo 2006/2/15 20:38
Sutefu, are you sure you don't have the character 忍 pronounced "nin", which is the first character of ninja, and has various meanings including "endurance" and similar ideas to "inner strength"?

I must admit I also find it strange that people get themselves tattoed in languages they (and often the tattoo artists, from what I've heard) don't read or understand. At least if it's a silly slogan on a t-shirt you can take it off at the end of the day...
by tokyoite rate this post as useful

. 2006/2/16 15:52
No, it isn't 'nin' - it is quite large and clear. I have always been aware it isn't a 'proper' word or anything, as I ran it past my Japanese boyfriend before I had it done, but I liked it and it isn't *totally* meaningless, at any rate!

As to why I had it done, well like the OP I had come through a difficult stage in my life and wanted to mark a 'new' phase of my life in some way. I don't often bare my shoulders so it was more of a statement to myself than a showoff thing - and it is meaningful to me, so to be honest I don't care what it means to the rest of the world! I don't see a problem as long as you have the foresight to make sure it doesn't say something stupid or offensive.
FWIW, I have had it complimented by a few of my Japanese friends who have seen it.
by Sutefu rate this post as useful

Tattoo Information 2007/10/25 23:57
Please do your research before you get a tattoo as it will be with you for life, My advice would be get a professional translation for whatever stlye or symbol you want. You could go to a Tattoo parlour and they could tattoo you with a symbol and you would not have a clue if it was correct. Read the information on this tattoo website then make your choice.hope this help you.
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