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What creature is evil? 2006/2/13 00:55
I have a tattoo theme going. For God, I will have a samurai representing good, or defender. For Devil, I need to know what the japanese believe to be evil.
by Richard Fierce  

Evil? 2006/2/13 21:21
It's war.
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not evil - natural/unnatural 2006/2/14 12:40
I've found that the japanese tend to view anything remotly unnatural as scary thus "evil". Many things have been "kawaii"-fied to be less threatening but are still considered unnatural. Anything humaniod that is not human would be seen unnatural and thus "evil". If you were in Japan, just having large tatoos would be considered threatening as tatoos are associated with the yakuza.
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evil 2006/2/14 14:19
The devil is represented in Japan by a cute little mildly-scary orge kind of creature.
On the TV weather the storms usually have a picture of this devil...
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tattoo 2006/2/14 15:43
"For Devil, I need to know what the japanese believe to be evil."

foreigners... joking

read this

and the article on obake

I really dont think a smaurai is anything remotely God-like. Before you get tattoos that have to do with another culture you really need to know more.
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Demons 2006/2/14 15:46
In Japan, the closest thing to a devil are demons or "Oni". There are many kinds though.
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reconsider your theme 2006/2/15 12:46
The whole concept of "good v. evil" or "God v. Devil" is foreign to traditional Japanese.

Japanese belief is vastly different. You are trying to compare "apples" when you have "oranges". Doesn't work.
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Response 2006/2/16 01:28
Thanks for all the answers, people. I know that Japanese beliefs are a lot different, but I am doing my own theme. I love the Japanese culture, and that`s why I chose a samurai as the "good" image. A strong figure, a defender, fighter. And I needed something for the evil image. I think I`ll just do a demon, but in Japanese style art. Anyway, thanks for all the responses.
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please try to understand what I mean 2006/2/17 13:46
I'm glad you love Japanese culture. If you truly do, then you should try to understand it from their point of view.

Having a samurai fight a demon is like having John Wayne fight the Wicked Witch from OZ. An American would say it seems silly. I don't mean to be harsh but I'm trying to get you to understand having sensibility for another culture and not put your own spin on something for your own purpose.
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enjoy your tatoo 2006/2/18 04:47
Sorry. I mis-spoke earlier. You are doing a fantasy-theme tatoo, right? You are free to let your imagination soar.
Design something that pleases you and enjoy.
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Scary 2006/2/18 18:21
''What creature is evil'' well I could send you a picture of my Japanese Mother In Law Bawhaha!! Just kidding shes a total sweetheart. I thought and I could be wrong the word ''Akuma'' was the word for devil. As far as an evil charecter i see for sure just like everybody else said is the ''Oni'' and they are truly Scary that is if you find Smurffs and Kittens scary.
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hah 2006/2/20 21:03

Akuma means devil... the raging demon.
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youkai 2006/2/20 22:39
If you don't like any oni images that you see, I'd look up youkai. Various demons and creatures who are often scary and sometimes evil make up the massive category of youkai- but be careful, some of these can be good or just plain comical.
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Look to the culture, 2006/2/21 06:44
In a series of popular Chambara movies known as ''Lone Wolf and Cub'' a woman seeks the most evil tatoo that she can have, the evil tatoo being used as a frightening distraction to attacking samurai as she defeats them in dueling. She has the Mountain witch and the Kintaro tatooed on her chest and back respectively.

The Mountain Witch & The Kintaro: Yamauba (or Yamanba), the Mountain Witch, said to live and hide in the mountains, is a well-known character in Noh plays and in many tales. In the most well-known Noh play, a city yujo (prositute/entertainer), named Yamanba, actually meets a real
Yamanba in a mountain.
While the tale of Kintaro takes on different forms, hefs said to be a son of a certain yamauba from a mountain in central Japan. Kintaro, it is told, is a child who was blessed with extraordinary
strength, and was able to befriend animals.
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Oni or Hanya 2006/2/21 16:57
I'd have to agree with Redrum. Oni is pretty evil (and its looks lives up to the part) or hanya if you prefer a more devilish looking creature. Those were the first two that came to mind when I read your post. Good luck!
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Oni 2007/9/24 02:31
Really old topic I know so it's probably well dead by now.
I think that although ONI (ogre) look very scary, in Japanese folklore they are actually not very 'evil'. More troublesome creatures are "Tengu" and "Kappa" both renowned for kidnapping children and animals. If you don't want to go down the traditional approach, why not look to the "DevilMan" anime/manga. There's plenty of demons in there - and scary ones at that.
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Evil?huh.. 2007/9/25 15:48
well, as said in above, in Japan, even Gods and ghosts, there r Good ones and evil ones..
but as an image from old storys, the evil characters r like
Oni(oger like demons)
Snow woman
As a Japanese fantasy mania
I recommend Snow woman or Oni
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childhood 2007/12/8 06:39
since i was a child, ive allways thought the japanese as violent pascifists.
The samarai, he wonders along writting.
His art is death, virtue, and honour.
And he kills with grace.

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