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Moving to Okinawa, what to bring? 2006/2/26 20:12
We will move to Okinawa this summer and I need to know if I should bring our blender, mixer, etc?
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... 2006/2/27 11:36
Are u military? If so, most of your appliances from the states (if that's where your coming from) will work in base housing........
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Lot of Questions. 2006/2/27 17:50
Yes, we are. My Dh is in the Air Force. We are currently in Germany and I realize our 220V appliance won't work but I wasn't sure about our 110V. Will they work if we live off base? Are you in Okinawa? If so how do you like it?
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... 2006/2/27 20:17
My hubby is AF also. We are on mainland Japan, at Yokota AB, not Kadena. I kept reading that alot of appliances from the states won't work here, but we have not had a problem. And of course you can buy what you need at the BX if you do. Off base though, you might have a problem. I really can't say, we got base housing within a week so we did not have to live off base. If you have any more questions you can email me at karismatic_chic@yahoo.com

Also, have you looked at the SITES webpage? It has lots of info about each base. Here is the link....


You can also check out AF Crossroads......


Good Luck!

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Hey 2006/6/28 09:09
Hey we are AF and moving to Kadena in September. Are you AF or AFspouse? We are really excited about going. How did you like Germany my husband wants to go there next.
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What to bring to okinawa 2006/8/7 17:05
We arrived last year. They supply you with all furniture, basically just bring appliances and stuff you need. We didn't bring anything over here just dishes and clothes! They gave us so much furniture its too crowded. If you live off base or on base, the active duty member will be able to pick all furniture out, only problem is you can pick the colors! We live on base my husband is AF, we got housing right away. Any questions just email me.
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moving to okinawa too 2006/8/10 21:20
I heard horror stories about the waiting list for housing on post and it seems hard to find new information. I will be there in December. How is the housing? Waiting list? Do you know where 1/1 ADA will be? I have so many questions.
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Settled 2006/8/10 21:26
Hi Everyone, Well we made and have settled in! We really like it and the services, both Marine Corp and Air Force, are fantastic.

Someone asked about Germany, we were stationed at Ramstein AB and we loved it, I would go back in a heartbeat!

If you have any questions you can email me at Longsx3@aol.com
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pet housing? 2006/8/15 14:09
We'll be moving to Okinawa in the end of September. We have two pets, a cat and a dog, and from what I understand, it is somewhat problematic to get on-base housing and a lot more expensive to find housing off-base if you have pets. Has anyone here brought pets with them to Okinawa? Any advice would be appreciated.
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We have a dog 2006/8/15 16:33
We PCS'd in June with a dog and were able to move right (July) on base but it all depends on what the housing list is like when you get here. The biggest problem is if your dogs will have to be quarantined then you will either want to live on base or find someone who will care for them on base until they are released.
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pet's and Japan 2006/8/16 21:22
As far as I know one can only take 2 pets. Japan hasn't had a rabies case since 1957 so the rules are very stringent. First you need a microchip, then 2 rabies vaccinations AFTER the microchip, then a FAVN test and in any case 180 days of quarantine still applies. If you are able to get on post housing the quarantine can be finished at home. You also have to fill out paperwork and fax it to the port of entry. It's called something like"intent to import". You can find it on the Japanese Embassy website. The whole process can take up to 7 month. You have to tell them that you intent to bring a dog at least 40 days before you enter the country.
As for off post housing; there is a website of japanese realtors and some of the houses don't look too bad. My question is this; if one lives off post what about the cable and telephone? My son is addicted to the internet and so am I? Any details?
Where is everybody moving from?
We are in Fort Dix at the moment.
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off base housings 2006/9/8 11:17
I am an Okinawan who lived here in Okinawa as a Marine dependant, and still living here as a civilian. I've been living in off base housing so hope my information will help some of you who are moving here on the island.
First, about the phone line. All the off base housings rented out to the military members have to pass the inspection by housing office on Kadena, and as far as I know, they require the houses to come with phone lines. As soon as someobody move into the house, usually realtor will reopen the line so the family can use it right away.
For internet and cableTV, you need to have local companies to install it for you. You can find them on phone books and free papers like Island Market(Japan Update: http://www.japanupdate.com/ ) However, the most popular off base cable is Sky PerfectTV which carries "some" English channels but mostly Japanese or mixed with Japanese and English.
You can get a list of available off base housings with realtor information at Kadena Housing Office after you arrive here. If you wish to live off base, make sure to have 3-4 months worth of monthly rent saved for security deposit and agency fee to the realtor.
The most of apartments and houses in Okinawa do not allow pets, but ones do might ask for additional security deposit per pet so those who are considering of bringing pets need to consult with the realtor.
I hope those answered some of your questions.
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I have a question 2006/9/30 15:44
My fiance is in the Navy and we plan on living near the Naval Base in Japan. I'm not sure of the name of where it's at, but I was wondering if any one knew of the Naval Base in Japan. So I can know what to search for on the interent when I'm looking for apartments. Please Help!
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Natalie 2006/9/30 22:05
will you be married when you move? As for your question: you will find all you need on military.com
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satelite TV 2006/10/18 08:16
"My question is this; if one lives off post what about the cable and telephone? My son is addicted to the internet and so am I? Any details?"

Actually the good news is that the military is giving those who live out in town FREE satelite! Makes me sort of wish we weren't living on base. On base, everyone who pays for cable gets Mediati cable, which is seriously the WORST I've ever seen! Not only are all shows 2 weeks behind (no biggy, I can handle that part) but they do not have a tv schedule for more than 2 days ahead of time and many times what they say is going to be on the pay channels is NOT on at the time it says in the guide. Oh and the only guide is on your tv and you have to sit there patiently and wait for each hour to scroll by until you find the time and day you want. Talk about an excercise in frustration. Also they frequently change DVD discs (I guess most of the shows they get are on DVD) and forget to put in the new one so the channel is just a blue screen that says DVD for hours or even days on end!!! A couple days ago "E Network" had no sound for two days! As far as I'm concerned it's not worth paying for cable on base! Rent a video instead. As far as phones go off base, be sure not to get suckered into "buying" a phone line. You can lease them on a monthly basis from the local phone companies and it's much cheaper.
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Moving to Sasebo Japan 2006/10/20 01:05
Hello everyone,

i thought i would try this approach and see where it goes. My husband is a marine and we have 2 children and found out we will be moving to japan in January. We have contacted the housing office and they said the waiting time is 9-12 months so we will have to rent a Cho (i think that is what it is called. I am very nervous living off base in a country that i am not familiar with yet and having no car either when we get there scares me too...can anyone shed somelight on the off base housing in Sasebo and is it very expensive? I guess i can say i am a computer geek since i have been tring to look all over the internet for something. Thank you so much for your help.
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Living Off Base in Okinawa 2006/12/16 11:10
It isn't as scary as people make it sound! We heard horror stories and I was set against living in town before we got here. However, when we arrived, they only offered us towers, even after knowing we had a pet! So we were "forced" to live on the economy.
But it's not bad at all. The places are not as small as everyone told us they'd be, they are building them to American standards now. We have a very spacious 3 bedroom apartment. It is right outside of Camp Foster (so very centrally located) and we can see the Ocean from our balcony.
The only downside to living off base is finding a place with a yard is very difficult, unless you are staioned at Courtney or Hansen. Up North is much easier to find a big place with lots of grass.
We are looking to move on base for that very reason, having a yard for the dog and our child would be a plus. But don't let them scare you with "off base" stories, it really isn't that bad at all.
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Military spouse or work visa? 2007/8/7 03:36
I really have no idea where to start...

I am engaged and currently visiting my fiance (a Marine) in Okinawa, Japan. .He is stationed in Japan for the next 9 months. I was considering moving to Japan to be with him during this tour.

I do not have a job in the US, I will more than likely find something in Japan (thru Aafes or MCCS). My fiance was told if we marry (regardless of in the states or in Japan) he would have to extend his time in Japan for 3 more years!! Any ideas? Or, pointers?

I am only vaguely familiar with greencards and Visas. What is the first step? Would a job through Aafes or MCCS grant me a visa to stay in Japan?

HELP or EXPERIENCE would be appreciated!
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advice on okinawa japan 2008/9/8 12:24
i am a marine wife in camp lejeune and we are getting ready to be transfered to okinawa. well i need all the advice and help i can get. my name is meghan and i have a one year old daughter. my husband has been in the marines for 4 years. this is our 3rd duty station. and he is about to pick up sgt. he is a grunt and going to 3rd mef headquarters group. we have no clue about anything to do with oki and will be there oct 31. please help us.

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