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Hibari's songs in romaji? 2006/3/6 11:49
I work with senior citizens in San Francisco and as a part of their activities, they love to sing. I am supposed help lead their singing efforts but need my japanese music (especially the enka type) written in romaji or hiragana. I am vewry, very deparately looking for Misora Hibari songs in romaji or in hiragana. Can anyone give me some help or direction with this ??? PLEASE !!! Thank You.
by John  

Maybe I can help you 2006/3/7 00:11
I am Japanese.
I don't speak English well, but I can read Kanji and write Romaji =)

Here is the words from the song "Kawa no nagare no yoo ni" :

Shirazu shirazu aruite kita
Furikaereba haruka tooku
Kokyou ga mieru

Dekobokomichi ya magarikunetta michi
Chizu sae nai soremomata jinsei

Aa kawa no nagareno yoo ni
Yuruyaka ni
Ikutsu mo jidai ha sugite

Aa kawa no nagareno yoo ni
Tomedo naku
Sora ga tasogare ni somaru dake.
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re: 2006/3/9 05:09
search "Barbara's Enka Site". you should be able to know what Enka is.
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Enka in romaji 2008/8/11 00:22
John, if you found where to obtain Misora Hibari and other Japanese songs written in romaji or hiragana, please let me know. I am seeking the same. Thank you!
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