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To buy high quality Japanese pearl 2006/3/7 14:00
I came to Japan with my wife two months ago for business.I promised to her to buy a nice pearl necklace. When i visited Mikimoto and Tasaki, i found beautiful pearls but at the moment i cannot afford them.
Where can i go instead ?
Please let me know a place where i can buy good quality pearls at a better price.
I went several other jewelry shops which offer good discounts, but i noted the quality is much lower.
Thank you.
by martins  

Okachimachi 2006/3/7 16:52
How about visiting Okachimachi? I took a lady from Jamaica there and she bought a pearl necklace for her colleague. They were even able to add several pearls to make the strand longer. However, this was many many years ago, I can't remeber which shop it was, and I know nothing about pearls. I hope others would be able to help you out better, but for the moment why don't you see this map and wander around?
I believe there were many shops around Okachimachi.
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... 2006/3/7 17:45

If you go for the quality of Mikimoto and Tasaki, this may not be THE place, but I know this place to be an OK place for souvenir shopping, with fairly OK price and quality.
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Sano 2006/3/8 00:55
Sano Premium Outlets has an outlet store of Tasaki.
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pearls 2006/3/8 15:17
Hi Martins.
A friend of my bought three strands of japanese pearls before leaving japan last december. He has knowledge on jewelry and he found a wholesaler which offers very high quality pearls at good prices. It s a small company that doesn have a shop, though they seem to sell pearls all over the world. And by appointment , i think it s possible to visit them. It s located in shinagawa and i have their e-mail. but no phone no. or address.
Good luck, Martin
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Thank you George...... 2006/3/14 12:21
Dear George.
Thank you very much, pearls were beautiful, and I made my wife happy.
PS. Also I saved a good amount of money.
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pearl purchase 2007/9/6 16:49
You may buy uyeda pearls, if you find mikimoto and tasaki expensive. Uyeda pearls has a store in Ginza, Tokyo.
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Very nice pearls with good prices. 2008/9/18 16:09
I often visit Tokyo for my IT Business and I have lots of relatives and friends who ask me to buy pearls. So I was looking for a shop where I can find cheap and quality pearls. I found this place, thanks to people who wrote the reviews. So I visited Canilli Pearl after contacting them, but the place was hard to find. They keep many pearls in the small office. I saw selection of pearls and prices and pearls and I understood I was getting a good deal. Thanks to Japan Guide and the people who wrote the reviews.

Sumit Shaha
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Dear sumit Shaha plz tell help me 2008/9/19 11:59
Dear Sumit Shaha
I too want to buy pearls.
Can u plz help me in finding location with phone number or map.Waiting for ur reply.
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thank for sharing information 2008/9/19 12:12
I too got some extra informaion about website of canillipearl.
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What is the Price Range at Canelli 2008/10/8 04:48
Hi Sumit,
I am in Shinagawa at the moment can you tell me the price range of the pearls at Canelli?

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pearl 2009/3/11 02:19
Hi Can anybody tell the starting price range of pearl necklace at canilli pearls
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