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Visa Transfer - how long does it take? 2006/3/11 14:34
I have an unexpected trip coming up in about two weeks time. I have just renewed my passport and have not yet transfered my work visa into my new passport. My embassy told me that the immigration office will do this free of charge. I will also need to get another re-entry permit as I only got a single last time...I know that the re-entry permit doesn't take a lot of time (i.e. done in one day) ...but what about the transfer of the working visa into the new passport?? How long does this take?? I can't take any time off due to work commitments and am going to go to the immigration office a day before I fly...
I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who has had to transfer their visas to a new passport....
by Shizuka  

... 2006/3/12 06:19
I did not transfer my visa to my new passport, but just left it in my old passport. It means that I have to carry my old and new passport when traveling abroad.

The process of transfering the visa will only take a few minutes.
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Thanks 2006/3/14 09:39
Thanks Uji!!!
You are always great help!!!
I rang Immigration in Tokyo and they said they can do it on the day,..with re-entry permit...was a little worried as I'm going a day before departure and didn't want them to say...hmmm...come back in 2 weeks...thanks anyways!!!
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Transfer of VISA & Re-entry permit 2007/6/26 18:50
1- Go to Regional Immigration Bureau Office
Ex: 5-5-30, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Telephone : (03) 5796-7112
Time: 09 : 00 to 12 : 00 or 13 : 00 to 16 : 00 (Monday through Friday)
Telephone inquiries are accepted during office hours
2-Fill the Visa Transfer application form (one application is for transfer of both VISA & Re-entry permit)

NOTE: Just fill the Name, DOB, Address, Old & New PASSPORT details.
Application processing fee is not required

3-Submit the following (If Tokyo Immigration office, submit in counter gAh 2nd Floor):
(1) Filled application form
(2) Old & New PASSPORT (original)
(3) Alien Registration Card (for verification)

You will get your new PASSPORT with transferred VISA & Re-entry permits within 1 hour depending on the queue.
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Thank you Amitav! 2007/9/26 15:25
I stumbled across this as I was Googling for the answer to the same question. This is *exactly* what I was looking for! Thank you Amitav for the incredibly informative post!
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followup info. 2007/11/27 19:25
p/s - the form to fill out to transfer your visa is called a Øˆó“]‹LŠèo‘ (or just Øˆó“]‹L, "shōin tenki") for short.

I initially didn't know what it was called and I didn't see one out in the open anywhwere, so I just asked the person at the 1F counter; she knew what I was talking about before I'd even finished my sentence and handed me one.

p/p/s - For your reference, here's what one looks like (though I'd recommend getting one in person): http://yshimada.com/images/tenki.pdf
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