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Best transport option:Narita to Shinjuku 2006/3/13 14:07
Hi, We have 4 persons travelling in a group from Narita airport to Shinjuku. Limousine bus will cost 3000yen*4. Will it be cheaper to travel by taxi instead? Can anyone tell me what is the estimation cost by taxi? Or is there a better cost savings option?
by Jo  

... 2006/3/13 20:06
The taxi will be evenmore expensive. The cheapest way is by Keisei Limited Express to Nippori and then by Yamanote Line to Shinjuku:
by Uji rate this post as useful

Cost saving VS Luggage 2006/3/30 16:44

i am from Singapore, will be going to Japan on 15 June, Read from the information, the cheapest is by train, that will cost less then 1200 Yen. i wil reach Narita @ 8AM. Here are my question.

1)Will the Train from Narita to Shinjuku be very pack?

2)If i have luggage with me, is it adviceable?

by victor rate this post as useful

Narita to Shinjuku 2006/3/30 21:54

The option of Keisei Limited Express + JR Yamanote Line mentioned by Uji above is the cheapest way, but I wouldn't really recommend it if you have suitcases with you and you are tired after a long flight. The JR Narita Express goes directly to Shinjuku, so is much more convenient. Depending on where you are staying, the Airport Limousine bus might even take you directly to the hotel.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Thank you! 2006/3/31 00:51
Hi Dave,

thanks for the reply, it helps alot in my planning. the price of JR Narita Express and Limousine bus are the same. guess i will choose Limousine bus.

You are very helpful.

Thank you
by victor rate this post as useful

... 2006/3/31 16:30
1)Will the Train from Narita to Shinjuku be very pack?


2)If i have luggage with me, is it adviceable?

The main differences to the Narita Express are:

1) You have to change trains once

2) You sit perpendicular to the driving direction rather than in the driving direction (The seat in the Keisei Limited Express are, like in most Japanese commuter trains, arranged along the wall of the train).
by Uji rate this post as useful

Limousine bus stop @ hotels 2006/4/2 23:11

I am staying in Tokyo and would like to know the hotels in Shinjuku that the bus will stop at.....
by elmo rate this post as useful

Check for yourself... 2006/4/2 23:37

You can check the hotels on the Limousine Bus service website below.

(I found this site by searching for "Limousine bus Narita Airport" in Google.)
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Shinjuku to Narita 2007/9/8 12:39
Hi everyone,
Ill be leaving Japan in few days and i wonder how do i get ticket for limousine bus in Shinjuku? It was easy to get one on Narita to Shinjuku. But while in Shinjuku (the usual limousine bus stop) can i get the ticket in the bus or they have ticket vendor somewhere near? Thank you
by barcafana rate this post as useful

. 2007/9/8 13:10
You buy it at the ticket booth for limousine buses near Shinjuku Station:
by John rate this post as useful

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