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house not apartment 2006/3/14 22:37
Are there any houses for rent in Japan(Akita city)?(not apartments).And if so how much are they aproximately per month?
by marta  

rental houses available 2006/3/16 22:15
Yes, you can rent houses as well as apartments in Japan. In Tokyo at least apartments are more common, but it is not hard to find houses too, except in the most central areas. Rents are similar to apartments - the main variations are due to location, size, age of building, availability of parking spaces and so on. Sorry, I don't know anything specific about Akita.
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Cheap 2007/11/14 13:13
Akita is a local place so the housing fee is very cheap compared with that in Tokyo. From my experience, it is about 1/4 (or less) of that in Tokyo. It depends on the quality of the house though. But I can expect that many of the land load are not used to rent their property to the people from the other countries, so it is good to get a friend first then negotiate with them with your friends. Some of them want a reference from a Japanese person. In Akita, generally, people are shy and even real estate agencies could be confused to handle something that they are not familiar with. It is typical of local place so it is good to be patient :-)
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