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Djarum Clove Cigarettes 2006/3/16 23:17
Just wondering if Japan sells ''Djarum Special'' Clove cigarettes imported from Indonesia and how much they go for. Also, Are ''Playtex'' tampons readily available? How much?
by Tamara St. John  

Clove cigarettes. 2006/3/17 00:29
You'll have to go to a specialty cigarette/cigar store to get them. There used to be a store in Roppongi that sold special cigarettes, cigars, cases, lighters etc. I don't know if it is still there though. Anyways, if it is still there they had cloves, bidis, novelties etc. I barely remember the location but I believe it was a small shop just past the Almond Cafe, walking towards McDonald's, and the Hardrock cafe. Maybe someone else on this forum has seen it.

As far as tampons, I haven't seen "Playtex" anywhere, but you can find tampons anywhere at convenient stores and drug stores.
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Find Djarum Clove Cigarettes ? 2006/4/1 15:49

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Deep Nuke
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Djarum Specials 2006/5/6 17:09
The only two places I have seen them in Tokyo are a tobacco shop in Akabane(in the covered shopping area) and there is a machine that carries them across the street from the "Hachiko" exit, towards the "109" building.
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Try to buy online 2006/7/24 02:00
I purchased Djarum Black, one of my favourite cigarettes, from http://www.myclovecigarettes.com and it arrived in 5 days.

Tokyo, JP

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Djarum Bali Hai Naturales - OK 2006/8/16 17:18
I live in Niigata-shi and after scouring dozens of shops for Bali Hai Naturales, I finally just asked a shop about them. They showed me a Japanese catalog and inside was a picture of them, and they special ordered a box of them- no service charge. When they arrived, i bought two packs, and they put the rest in the display window. So, perhaps if you can't find the Specials, you can special order them the same way.
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Try www.clovecigarettesmart.com 2006/10/7 11:20
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Arrived on 3 Days 2008/3/18 07:33
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Cloves 2008/5/8 08:05
I bought these exact clove cigarettes across the street from the Shibuya station about two weeks ago. They came in little plastic ashtrays with about 10-12 cigarettes per pack.
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difference 2008/6/11 01:33
I'm sorry for posting a question instead of an answer, but I don't know where else to ask...
What is the difference between Djarum Black, Super and Special? Super and Special look nearly the same, but I haven't te(/a)sted ;-) both. Could you help me?
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Yokohama 2008/6/20 13:15
What about in Yokohama?
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cigarette 2008/8/11 12:21
i dont understand you guys looking for indonesian cigarettes in japan?
go to indonesia..they sell it less than a dollar for djarum/pack
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Cloves in Japan 2008/11/21 00:58
Thanks for the tip about Shibuya station! Has anyone seen them for sale in Shinjuku?

We're looking for the in Japan cause we live in Japan, honey. Indonesia is a long way away.
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Cheap clove cigarettes 2008/12/12 00:18
I found the site who sell the clove cigarettes. please go to www.clovecigaretteshop.com

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Found them near the station! 2010/8/31 15:14
You can find them near Yokohama station and subway at a tobacconist located on street level. I can't remember the name of the store, but it is 1 block from kinkos/Fedex on the left as you walk toward hotel cosmo.
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Mum's name 2010/9/20 09:15
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Found them at www.ciggiesworld.com 2010/9/20 09:18
Yay found them at http://ciggiesworld.com

They have quite a lot of collection and brands of cloves cigarettes.
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The Difference 2010/10/18 02:49
Djarum Super (1.8mg Nicotine,32mg Tar)
As you can see Djarum Super has a higher quantity of Nicotine and Tar,Most of the Indonesian people prefer this one because it taste better (especially after a meal)

Djarum Black (1.6mg Nicotine,25mg Tar)
If Djarum Super considered as a heavy cigars,then Djarum Black is a light cigars.The size of Djarum Black cigars is more slim and wrapped using black paper (that's why it's called black) later they add more flavor to create different taste

- Djarum Black Original
- Djarum Black Menthol
- Djarum Black Cappuccino
- Djarum Black Tea
- Djarum Black Slimz

To enjoy this flavor (menthol,cappuccino&tea)
all you need is to press the filter.

btw I've been smoking Djarum Super for 11 years and it really taste better after having a meal.believe it or not !
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Re: Djarum Clove Cigarettes 2012/3/29 00:22
Confirmed that the cigarette shop across the street from Shibuya station still sells Djarums as of March 2012. Super, Black, Menthol, Sweet Jasmine Tea, Splash, and Bali Hai. ^_^
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