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women in visual kei? 2006/3/16 23:33
Why aren't there any women in visual kei? And is it ok to be a fan of visual kei in japan if you are a japanese male?
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re: 2006/3/17 02:11
Let's go to Harajuku.
Akihabara is Moe-kei.
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I can think of one... 2007/1/31 17:18
I can actually think of one woman in visual kei. Kuroneko from Onmyou-za. They're not huge, but they are considered visual kei. She is the vocalist.
Address to the wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onmyouza
I have also talked to many boys who are fans of some visual kei bands, particularly Dir en Grey and X Japan.
I hope that helps a little.
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visual kei comes from glam 2007/2/1 11:46
Why aren't there any women in visual kei? Why aren't there any women in glam rock? But there are some in both genres actually.
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None 2007/2/21 11:14
Most of visual-kei are aimed towards females.
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Danger Gang 2007/2/21 17:30
...is one all-girl visual kei band I know. So I guess there are a few out there.
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There's a few... 2007/3/22 22:48
They're few and far between, but there are some girls in VK. Most well known is Kana but everyone argues about her because no-one's really totally sure of what she is and because she sounds so different from the rest of VK [which often sounds very similar between bands anyway]. Onmyouza's already been mentioned and I've just found out about Bergerac but haven't a clue what they sound like.
I think [though I may be wrong because I can never tell from the names alone and I didn't look for 'telling' signs] that the band Danger Gang are all female. The faces look it.

Also, I'd imagine it's ok for anyone to like VK. I know more guys that like it than girls over here [UK] but girls get a lot squeakier and more excited about it all. I think, judging by what I know of Japan, it's not so much music as dress people judge you on [seeing as the whole genre's actually based on how the bands look which, unlike western music, doesn't really often tell yiou much about what they'll sound like]

Sorry if that doesn't make too much sense, I did try!
There was a show with Jonathon Ross about Japanese subcultures that explained a lot of things, you could try finding that. I -think- i saw it on youtube.
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Female VK 2007/3/26 03:06
exist†trace is an all-women VK band, who have been getting more and more attention lately. You should check them out, they're really good!
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I know 2007/5/1 18:37
yeah mostly guys are in it and dressing up wierd and like a girl seems to be part of it i like the music and i don't care about how they dress but i think there should be more visual kei girls in bands at least one cos it seems a little yaoi
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. . . 2008/2/22 05:25
there are female visual kei, its just that the male r mor popular.
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No. 2008/4/20 09:09
Bergerac and Danger Gang are not female visual kei. The vocalists are male.
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VK 2008/4/28 00:13
Females in VK are rare because the target audience of VK is females who like the VK bands for their looks. Male fans are a minority and the band don't try to attract them, or else they wouldn't go VK because the VK look puts off most males.

It's like asking why there are no boys in idol groups aimed at males. Or why there is no female member in Smap/Arashi/V6/TOKIO/Backstreet Boys/N SYNC etc.

So yes, most people do find it weird that a male likes VK, usually most guys are turned off becausethe androgynous appearance, makeup etc.

And the stereotype is that VK is only bands that suck and make bad music so they get a flashy look and they can get popular with teenage girls.

Visual Kei is not considered as real serious music despite what many foreigners believe, but like some kind of boyband for girls.

If you go to Japanese VK live you will 99% of audience is female.
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Hear 2008/4/28 11:52
One of my favorite bands is "関西変態系お笑いヴィジュアルバンドHEAR" Kansai's Perverted Comedy Band Hear, who are a really excellent visual band fronted by a female who sings in the otokoyaku style. Their music is great, and the vocalists voice is amazing!

But yeah, there aren't many. It seems a few years ago there were more, at least in the indies, but they kind of died out.
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,,,, 2008/5/28 23:01
I've been meaning to get back to this, but the vocalist in Danger Gang sounded male, so I said they were male, but, lol, I was wrong. Sorry. Danger Gang is female.
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No Female? 2008/6/26 04:54
I am from the netherlands (not a Japan girl) but I love Visual Kei ! And Gothic Lolita,there are visual kei girls, but the most of them are Gothic Lolita's but I think Girls can be aswel ^^ Cause i wanna try to be :) Even I am not from Japan... I LOVE Japan Since I was a little child, now I am 16...

I Think If you Like it you just can Dress you like that ... you just have to feel well in it.. =) ( Sorry for my Very Bad English)
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don't want to sound mean but.. 2008/6/26 06:40
i don't want to sound mean but honestly i think girls from europe are far more otaku-ish than the girls are here in japan.

i think a lot of you who come here expecting to fit in really well dressing as visual kei fans or etc.. are going to be disappointed at the lack of people following your fashion here. even in harajuku i don't see that many visual kei followers and they're almost all male. to be honest i think it's passed it's fad period here (fads go in and out every 2 or 3 months here)
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There are a few. 2008/9/13 05:34
exist†trace, CaMin (a fairly new oshare band), Danger*Gang and Lucifer Luscious Violenoue.
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There's plenty 2009/1/13 01:46
Nowadays Visual kei has changed.Many females are in visual kei bands now.I have not heard of a mostly female or all female visual kei band but there's a few bands with females.I personally know this one band with a female vocalist who is quite popular and has already traveled overseas.
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women in visual kei? 2009/10/21 03:39
Danger Gang
Exist Trace
Decola Hopping (the singer is Female)
Necro Circus (2005~2007)
Kaidan Light
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female visual kei 2010/3/12 15:44
well someone already listed most of the bands like decola hopping , exist trace and GallowS etc....ifound another band thats new and old in a way cause 3 of the members were oringinally from Aibell a vk band that recently disbanded after their drummer and bass left, but decided they want to continue with a new name( Gizel )..their guys, but get this...their new drummer who's orginally from the vk band Sectmateria is a girl name Mar. she's cute..no homo...they also have a new bass..so yeah it's like decola hopping 4 guys 1 girl
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