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Currency exchange 2006/3/17 00:43
Is it better to convert the US dollar to Yen in Japan or United States?
by c. dunnell  

Search 2006/3/17 04:42
Search is your friend. Here is a thread with much good advice.


In general, you will find the rates to be better in Japan than they are in the U.S.
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....... 2006/3/17 06:23
You can easily have your cash exchanged at the airport (currency exchange booth) upon your arrival to Japan. You don't want to venture out of the airport without yen.
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Currency Exchange 2007/8/24 21:33
I found a bank in the USA that has a currency exchange rate of 0.00919... is this good or bad?? Thanks.
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Yen Conversion 2007/8/24 22:25
That is bad because that amounts to 109 yen per dollar. The current futures rate is at 116.

The above advice works quite well. Exchange for some yen at the your incoming airport. If you want to deal with getting that extra yen per dollar, read the numerous threads on this board.


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. 2007/8/25 04:05
Didn't you ask that question a few days ago.

The answer really is you get a better exchange rate in Japan then in the US.
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Check with your bank... 2007/8/25 16:01
I get 50,000 yen for $412 with a $4 transcastion fee only.

That's 100,000 yen for $828. That's a fantastic rate. I just go to the postoffice and use my debit card.
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