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Tokyo Disney vs. Calfornia Disney 2006/3/17 01:15
Hi all,

I am back with my planning for tokyo... I was thinking if it will be worthwhile to visit disney in japan? I will be going to LA b4 going to tokyo and if any1 have suggestions to which disney shld i go?
by Jaron Liu  

Both 2006/3/17 04:34
California Disneyland is the oldest, it's the original, the Tokyo Disneyland is the layed out a little different. A few different attractions. They are unique to each other, same as Disneyland Florida.
If they were identical, I'd say see either one but not both, but in this case, when you go to one then go to the other, it's almost like going to Disneyland for the first time all over again.
That's my opinion.
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yee tokyo 2006/3/17 23:23
i think u should go to the one in tokyo if u are staying in the u.s because u can always visit disney world in the u.s but tokyo is 1 in alife time
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Hmm 2006/3/18 01:17
Im actually from singapore and so im need opinions as to which disney to go..
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California 2006/3/18 04:05
Were I you, I'd do the park in California. Originally the park in Tokyo was built to exactly represent the park in California, but over time, the Tokyo park has changed and evolved. (And included Disney Sea -- an original).

But California is where it all began, and it's a good time. Get off some of the larger paths and see some of the lesser-known attractions (like Snow White's fountain).

Either way, just suspend your disbelief for the trip and enjoy yourself.
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Cinderella's Castle in TokyoDisneyLand! 2006/3/19 15:22
In Tokyo, There is Cinderella's Castle.
It is much bigger than SleepingBeauty's in LA.

And next to TokyoDisneyLand, there is TokyoDisneySea!!
It is entirely different from LA.
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Disney Sea 2006/3/19 18:57
I have been to Disneyland, CA Adventure, and all 4 Disney Parks in Orlando. I've been researching Disney Sea for a year along w/other things for our April 2006 trip. Disney Sea outside of Tokyo looks absolutely amazing. From what I have seen and read (and talked to several people who have gone, including a travel writer friend who has written on this park and many other amusement parks around the world) it might very well be the #1 best park in the world in regards to the "theming" aspect. Before I knew about it I thought it was like Sea World. But no, it is a park based on aquatic themes- the rides, shows, environment, everything is centered the seas in different areas of the world and in different myths. The rides sound good enough to liken it to a combination of Epcot and a more traditional park w/some good rides (and the rides are also themed heavily).

I am going in April. And there is a very good hotel inside Disney Sea, really inside the park not next to it. We have a room w/a balcony and great view of the nightly fireworks and shows. I am really looking forward to it.

I prefer Disneyworld to Disneyland (and I also like the other Disney parks in Orlando - more options there than in California). I'll report back here on Disney Sea after I go in April.
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Top 10 Theme parks in the past, 2006/3/19 23:52
Well, I found a list of top 10 theme parks in a book but it was around 1999 and 2001.

1.Disneyland Tokyo, Japan

2.Magic Kingdom, Diseny World, Florida, USA

3.Disenyland, California, USA

4.Jaya Ancol Dreamland, Indonesia

5.EPCOT, Disney World, Florida USA

6.Disneyland Paris, France

7.Yokohoma Hakkejima Sea Paradise, Japan

8.Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park, Florida, USA

9.Universal Studios, USA

10.Blackpool Pleasure Beach, England

Hope this helps.
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Tokyo Disney Rocks 2006/3/20 11:13
I found Tokyo Disney is the best one of all. The people, the unique rides, the cleanlines and the service are not found here in the USA. And Tokyo Disney Sea cannot be missed. The merchandise, food and exclusive rides are worth the trip...
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Been to both 2006/4/16 15:53
I just got back from Tokyo, I went to Tokyo Disneyland, personally, I liked the original one the best, because, to me, that IS the true Disneyland.
I plan on going back to Japan again, I doubt I'll go to Tokyo Disneyland again, once was enough, BUT, Disney Sea, I loved it and will certainly visit there again and again!
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Well... 2006/5/4 17:48
i am hopefully about to go to japan this year... but i would suggest going to The californian DisneyLand... its the origional, and Japanese being a TOTALLY different culture to American, Tokyo DisneyLand is bound to way different to The californian Park... so either go to the californian park... or just go to both!
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Depends on what you want 2006/5/4 19:07

I was just in Tokyo w/my kids, and we stopped at Tokyo Disneyland (not Sea). Both my girls have been to Disneyworld in Florida several times w/their aunt, it was my first trip to any Disney park. According to my girls, Tokyo's Disney is a little smaller and tamer than the Disney here. I personally thought (after going to six flag's parks for years) that this was a wonderful place for little kids, but after a certain age .. probably not so much.
Some one mentioned earlier the service level here vs the US, and I couldn't agree more. The park wasn't congested, the customer service was top notch and the park was amazingly clean. Less frantic and chaotic than a park in the US, I'd imagine (and that was confirmed by my kids).

We're already planning our next trip back, and it's including a full day at Disney Sea. :-)
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Best place 2006/5/4 22:17
The best place is Orlando, Florida.
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. 2006/5/4 23:16
There's a Disneyland in Hong Kong as well.. wonder if anyone have been there?

Also, is there any Club 33 in Tokyo Disneyland?
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Cali???? 2006/5/5 09:37
Foreget Cali's Disney Land, FLORIDA!!!!!
Disney World!!!

(i've never been to Japan, so i don't know about the one in Tokyo, but my penpal mika sent me some awesome pictures from it......i really want to go on this rock water slide thing they have there!! lolz)

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I have a question 2006/6/20 21:06
I am from Australia and have been to both Disney's in LA and Florida and am heading to Japan next month. I was wondering if anyone knows how many days I should allow for Disneyland and sea given that I have been to the two other Disney's. Same goes for Paris as I am heading there after Japan.
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Hey! xP 2006/6/20 22:03
Ok i think your asking how long you should stay for?

Well personaly i could care less if i went disney land in Cali and disney world in FL.....
I'd give the one in Japan at least a good week!

I mean your going to another countries "Disney Land'.....stay a while, have some fun....explore neighboring areas.....make the most out of your vacation!

So i'd definatly say a week!


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... 2006/6/21 09:42
I was wondering if anyone knows how many days I should allow for Disneyland and sea.

Common people spend one day each. If you want to try out absolutely everything, more time is needed, especially if you visit the parks on busy days (weekend, holiday seasons).
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disneyland 2006/8/7 01:47
I have been to Tokyo Disney, Disney Sea, and Cali Disney, and actually Disneyworld in Florida too. Tokyo Disney itself is modeled after California Disneyland. I would just say go to Cali Disney, and then if you go to Japan, check out Disney Sea, because its very different from any of the Disney Theme parks I have been to, making it a very unique park.
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