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bringing a sword back to the UK 2006/3/17 23:04
What are the rules about bringing a sword back to the UK from japan? Should I post it to myself?
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Re 2006/3/18 23:16
If I remember correctly, you'll need some kind of licence to take a sword out of the country. I just can't remember where you get it, sorry.

For the matter of sending it via mail, you'll need to check the UK mail policies. I had a katana shipped from the US to AU with only a few minor problems.

But directly shipping it out from JP, I think you'll still need a licence for it.

Sorry, it's been awhile since I've bought a katana
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Sword export 2006/3/19 00:53
Hello !

You need an export-license !
It can be given from the
Ministry of International Trade and Industries.
As far as I know,this is only for ''real'',highquality,swords and not for a replica !But better to ask at the ministry for to be sure!
I hope I could help you !
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..... 2006/3/19 08:34
Since it was a purchase, it can be shipped.
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Re: sword 2006/3/19 11:50
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umm..... 2006/3/20 09:24
Can you explain it? Does this law apply only to those who are going to possess it like carrying it around like someone is carrying a fire arm and not as a art display or what does this mean?
Once I bought a excellent kitchen knife in Tokyo years ago brought it back in a suitcase which I send it through and there was no problem with it.
I'm interested in shopping for a sword as a collecters item so does this mean I can't bring it back? What if the seller ship it out for you in parcel?

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Re: umm..... 2006/3/20 11:46
I quote from www.e-sword.jp

If there is a certificate, you can bring up. Because the sword which is registered is the fine arts, putting out application to the Agency for Cultural Affairs cultural assets protective section fine arts technical section, the national designated cultural assets (the national treasure important cultural assets important fine arts) you must have delivering the proof proof of the thing which is the sword which does not correspond. When register proof of the sword which (the below-mentioned reference) it tries probably to bring up the application is submitted, the certificate is delivered after approximately two weeks. (Remote place makes accept even with mail. In addition direction west Kansai has accepted even with the Kyoto national museum spread room export audit person in charge.) If the sword and this certificate which it tries probably to bring up are submitted to the custom, as for bringing up there is no problem.
Please inquire details to description below.

Agency for Cultural Affairs, fine arts technical section
Kasumigaseki 3-2-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0000
Tel. 03-3581-3632

The Kyoto national museum, spread room export audit person in charge
Chaya-cho 527, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0931
Tel. 075-541-1151
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. 2007/9/29 13:35
When i went to Japan, my friend put a sword in his luggage to take back to America. He was searched, and they found it. They allowed him to get by, because the sword was not sharpened. Also, it may matter whether or not it is an antique.
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sword 2007/9/30 04:14
glad I read this as when I got to Japan next year, I woild like to buy a proper katana.

I bought one on ebay for like 25 but it's very dull/fake
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