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American TV in Japan 2006/3/22 10:17
I am wondering if the television show "Lost" is broadcast in Japan?
by Allison  

Lost 2006/3/22 15:07
yes it is on air here

how to get axn

and while it is on air here they are only showing season one right now, so its better just to buy the dvd set from amazon.com and a region free dvd player.

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Cooking shows in Japan? 2006/4/25 06:55
I co-produced an Itlaian cooking show here in the US, which aired in the northeast part of the country (New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia). The host and I are trying to get overseas distribution for the show. Any information on how to do this?
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Rick and Allison 2006/4/25 09:02
Rick, If there is one thing Japan doesn't need it's another cooking show there on 24/7 here. Other then that I can't answer your question...sorry.
Allison. I have cable TV with many English stations I can watch alot of stuff but as stated above Everything is behind. American Idol for instance is a week behind which makes avoiding "spoilers" on the net a chore. I also watch The Simpsons, 24, That 70's show, Discovery Channel, History channel, CNN,Animal Planet, AXN also shows "The Sopranos" but only up to season 4.
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college football 2007/8/27 22:57
I've recently moved to Japan, I'm also an avid college football fan and cant seem to find how to I will be able to enjoy 1 of my favorite pastimes. Is there anyone who can help? I'm a University of Southern California fan, am willing to watch any team, but would like to catch the Trojans every now and then
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Sure 2007/8/29 19:06
We can have a few beers while we watch SC get Spanked by the IRISH then UCLA!! haahahaaa

Are you in Tokyo?
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My expat experience in Japan 2008/10/3 05:38
The followings were my solutions of watching U.S. TV progrms in Japan

1. Nationphone.com
Pay for service, 12~250 channels. Standard to HD quality.

2. Joost TV:
It is a free online program, few choices in average quality.
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Lost 2008/10/3 15:54
yes it is, check listings. However, you can always watch it free online at abc.com and get them faster than what's shown in Japan (which is always late).

more tips for those looking for USA TV in Japan...

1) The TV channel website itself. eg. ABC lets you watch Lost, Gray's and other broadcasts for free on their web site.

2) Online web site that has ties with multiple TV channels:
eg. hulu.com

3) Online streaming web sites with feeds from various TV stations:
eg. TVUPlayer, PPLive. Former is great for watching the US channels it has - actually just a few seconds delayed vs. real TV I have next to the PC. PPLive is good for Chinese shows....

4) Sony LocationFree box + PC software or PSP (attached or not to TV).
Pretty much this lets you go anywhere in the world, and as long as you've got internet access, you can control your cable box back home and watch whatever you've got at your USA home.

5) DVD recorder + friend. All they have to do is feed DVDs and schedules into the DVD recorder.

6) PC + TV tuner card + remote access. You can easily remote access to schedule recordings, watch TV live from remote, and all that much like the sony location free. Have to beg a friend to let you keep a PC in their house on all the time but it works nicely, just like the location free, and you can PVR to the HD hundreds of shows for future viewings.
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Problem with your solution d 2008/10/3 23:36
d the problem with solutions 1&2 (and most likely 3) is that in order to view the videos on the Hulu, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. websites you must be located in the US.

One way around this is to use a US based proxy server or VPN to mask your IP address and make it look like you are located in the US.
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US TV in Japan 2009/9/9 10:56
When I go overseas, I have been using a service from a company called NationPhone&TV called USATVAbroad. http://www.usatvabroad.com I get a 200 channel US Cable subscription with all major networks plus HBO and Showtime streamed live via internet and use their set top box to watch on my TV.
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slingbox 2009/9/10 06:56
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Slingbox plus... 2010/2/17 06:01
Slingbox is a great solution, but you still need to host it on a US TV. If you have a TV in the US that you can connect it to, you're all set. Otherwise, you need to use a service like Nationphone & TV to host your slingbox for you. The cable costs are nearly the same either way. They also can provide you with a recorder so that you can watch the tv shows when you want rather than when they air live, which is not usually a convenient time for those of us in Japan.

Also with a cable service provider like nationphone, you don't actually need the slingbox if you want to just watch tv on your computer.
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UK? 2010/2/17 21:20
That Slingbox looks interesting. Does it only work for watching US programmes or can I set it up to deliver UK programmes to a laptop in Japan also?
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Slingbox hosting company 2010/3/15 20:52
There is a slingbox hosting company which offers subscription and DVR service at $100 a month plus setbox fee. You can watch over 200channels including HBO, Showtime and HD channels with no extra fee. If you're interested in it, please let me know.
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