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Finding Heavy Metal music in Japan? 2006/3/27 04:43
Hi there, I'm a long-time Heavy Metal fan/collector. I have plan to visit Japan b'cos this is the place where I think I can find the best & precious Metal albums from the world. Just to name a few Metal bands: HEAVY LOAD(Swe), ATTACK(Ger), LEATHERWOLF(USA), etc.
I would appreciate if anyone could recommend me some Metal CD/record stores in Japan that carry quality Metal music CD/LP (new or 2nd hand) at reasonable prices. I intend to purchase the CD/LP for my private collection and also for some friends. I also have intention of starting a small music business in my country therefore any information about finding wholesale supplier of Heavy Metal music in Japan is welcome too.
Many thanks in advance.
by Jagson  

some bands 2007/11/18 16:35
I don't really know the type of metal you like, but I really like the bands Concerto Moon, Anthem, Galneryus and Loudness. I also like Hellion Sounds, but that's actually a doujin band: they make metal covers of the games of Square Enix. I really really love them though, because I like synth and fast drumming. :)
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Japanese Metal bands 2007/11/18 18:11
Oh yes, I know about Loudness and Concerto Moon and a bunch of Japanese Metal bands like Earthshaker, SLY, Sabbat, etc. By the way, check out this band Blaze from Osaka, pretty cool stuff:
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