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Anime conventions May 15-30 in Japan? 2006/3/28 00:18
I am looking to attend any and all anime (otaku) conventions in Japan this May 15- 30th. If anyone knows of any during this time please let me know! You people are amazing Thanx!! ^_^
by Matt  

anime 2006/3/29 21:43
If you want, I can have my boyfriend check online within the next few days, so please email me (to remind me if I forget) and I can reply to that. I'm sure there will be something though. I've been living in Tokyo for a while, but haven't been to any myself.
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email 2006/3/29 21:43
sorry! my email is newmodel1569@yahoo
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anime conventions 2006/3/30 02:16
I've been trying to look for information about anime conventions as well. I'll travel to Japan on August and would love to attend one.

Does anybody know any websites that list anime conventions in Japan? Can be japanese site as well. Thanks!
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. 2006/3/30 05:26
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Any Fair/Concert ? 2006/3/30 15:51
Hi meringue4 ,

the website is in Jap. hum... i dun understand them. i am from Singapore, will be going to Japan(Tokyo) for the first time in Jun 15 ~ 21. Will there be any such fair or Concert during that period?
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sasebo? 2006/5/8 00:11
i was wondering if there are any conventions in the area of nagasaki prefecture or fukuoka prefecture this year?
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Anime expo 2007/11/12 01:59
i'd like to know too, i may be going to Japan after my exams in June, so any time and any where in japan of June-end of Aug, cos i'd love to go to a real Japanese anime expo

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Anime convention 2008/2/18 21:38
I saw an add for a trip from the states to Tokyo that includes the Tokyo anime fest but that was for March. Don't know of any later on sorry
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