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is reggaeton popular in japan ? 2006/4/3 01:35
hey how u doin ?? i'm a french Dj and i usually play hip-hop, r'n'b songs that i mix up with reggaeton ( is a a new kind of music from puerto rico ; daddy yankee is one of the most famous reggaeton artist u might know )....
so as i plan to set up in tokyo in order to work as a Dj in clubs , i just wanted to know if japan people will love this style of music ... so i hope u will post replies that will help me to make my mind clear about it ...and perhaps next year i ll have yours asses shackin on my remixes !!!!

one love ;)
by Dj Real  

Music 2006/4/3 19:54
There are tons of clubs in Tokyo that play hip-hop, R&B, reggae and reggaeton. While most hip-hop clubs with mix reggaeton into the regular music mix, the clubs also have special nights where the music is only reggae and/or reggaeton.
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ok !!! banna !! 2006/4/3 20:06
so we can say that japan is really open towards differents culture !! that 's great !!!
i just wanna ask you some thing more, do you know exatcly which club play reggaeton and hip hop ( cuz i will need to call them before going to japan ) so if you do please let me know by postin a reply with severals clubs names or by mailing me @ reggaeton@hotmail.fr ( don't forget to send me a mail vbefore add my adress in ur friend list cuz everytime i log in i have something like 30 people who want to add me in their friend list .... so in order not to get it confused send me a mail tellin who you are !! it ll be easier for me !!
thanks a lot
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Reggaeton in Japan 2006/6/3 03:36
Hi, I usually go to Japanese clubs. Reggaeton is pretty popular in Japan. Gasolina is pretty universal. There's a new song called "meteme el bicho" and "repartiendo bicho" that are really popular in Japan. Anyone familiar with these songs?
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regaeton in japen 2006/6/4 03:37
reggateon here in japen is alive and well, we had wisin & yandel from puerto rico & jarule and also ivy queen with dj willie from nyc performing for the military academy of mine on May 20, 2006 the show is awesome i love reggaeton very much it keeps me connected to my roots
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Reggaeton 2006/6/4 05:11
There is also a good song called, te {raje la cueva de tu crica} and another hot one called {doblate que te voy a reempujar los gandulez.}

go to www.djtito.com or www.tjsdjs.com/forums and go to the Reggaeton section for more
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I know another regueton song 2007/11/23 05:21
Its called (soy hombre pero muevo el culo como una puta ) , ahh one more , It says (solo sirvo para mover el culo , meter el vicho y vivir del welfare )
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I also know some... 2007/11/23 08:48
Yeah, I've heard lately to new hits like: "yo soy el perro y tu mi perra", "quiero meterselo a todas" and "siempre estoy cachondo". I was wondering for its meaning in english. It sounds pretty cool in spanish, but I don't know what I am singing.
Anyway, yes you can hear reggaton in Japan, that is for sure!
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specific clubs?? 2007/11/30 20:35
Im living in Tokyo,I'm crazy bout reggeaton but I only heard it in some latin clubs that I always go to,mostly playing salsa etc.Do you know any places that play only/mostly reggeaton?
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To Rakuda 2007/11/30 22:35
The titles to the songs you've mention are all sexually explicit in spanish.
"yo soy el perro y tu mi perra" means "i'm the pimp and you're my bit**", "quiero meterselo a todas" is something like "i want to fu** every girl" and "estoy cachondo" means "i'm hot".
Reggaeton songs are mostly about sex, i hope that helped.
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Reggaeton club in Osaka/Kobe area? 2007/12/3 13:21
Does anybody know if there's a club that plays reggaeton and Hiphop music in Osaka or Kobe area? Any info will help! Thanks!
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To Eva 2007/12/4 08:49
You could ask next time to someone at the salsa bar. I used to go also to salsa bars in the past and there where some people crazy about reggeton and went they to some specific clubs somewhere else (not roppongi). I hope that helps.
To Fledermaus: Thanks for the translation!
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Reggeaton 2007/12/4 14:57
um i think the guys mentioning songs above, where joking with each other,i live in puerto rico and i am planning a trip to japan,i can tell you those are not song titles,there just random vulgarities. Reggeaton is like hip hop to sing about sex,women,fighting,drugs,weapons,cars etc its mostly party music talking about how a girl and guy should dance and party together to have the best time, there's a couple of really funny ones,but there none of the above heheheh i almost passed out laughing when i read what they wrote.
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Sam is right 2007/12/6 10:51
Dear Sam,
yes you are right, I was just following the sense of humor of some previous posts. I hope Ayako and Sun post a few more hilarious reggaeton"new hits"
Thanks in advance :-)
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To Rakuda 2007/12/10 14:22
Thanx,but I've been going to these salsa clubs for so long,and nobody knows so far..Me and my friends even hosted and dj-ed at a reggeaton event but I have never heard anything else about reggeaton :(
So if anyone knows PLS let me know :)
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Clubs in roppongi 2008/6/23 15:57
their are two clubs that i know of and go to a lot that play reggaeton one is copa cobanna and cafe latino their on roppongidore just ask around and someone will point you in the right direction
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