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Cosplay shops that sell school uniforms? 2006/4/10 14:11
I searched around the forum, but I couldn't find any definite answers.

I'm looking for a cosplay shop, maybe in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto (though I highly doubt I'd find what I want in the last two) that sells high school uniforms. Not the sailor-fuku styled ones, though. The ones that usually have grey/red plaid, pleated skirts and the navy blue jackets. Sometimes I see they have a bow tie as well. I am not sure if they have a specific name. They are more sophisticated looking than the sailory, typical anime styled ones, I think. (Heehee.)

I was thinking I could find cosplay shops in Akihabara, but when I went there I was pressed for time, and so couldn't find any shops selling cosplay. (Just lots and lots of Hentai. Nnngh.)

Does anyone know where I might find these? Really, it would solve all my morning problems during the week.
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why.. 2006/4/11 09:11
don't you check it by any internet search engine? Sometimes i fing even places i want to go plus with maps.

Are you a cosplayer?
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japanese school uniforms 2007/8/13 09:03
I don't know where you can find the bottoms but I found the tops a www.jlist.com. There kinda expensive.
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