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Japanese makeup tips 2006/4/16 23:21
I'd like to learn how to put on makeup the way the girls in Japan do. When I visited Japan back in September, I noticed that a lot of girls used peachy pink colors, which looked really nice with their skin tone. I have very little experience with makeup, so could someone please tell me how to get that cute Japanese look?

By the way, I am Asian too, so my coloring would be very similar to the girls in Japan.
by Brittany  

Make-up tips for Asians 2006/4/18 08:41
This is a big question!

First, it all depends on what your underlying skin tone is! My father used to be an executive with a make-up firm that is very big internationally. He was raised in Japan and mainland China. He used to tell me that the main difference between the Asian philosophy of beauty and make-up and Western philosophy lies with the preparation. For instance, compare Japanese and American based cosmetic firms. American and some European companies like to hide and emphasize features with make-up. The Japanese firms spend more effort in skin maintenance products and skin enhancement products. The Japanese really appreciate the sexiness of just beautiful flawless white skin.

Creating that flawless, white or "peachy" base is difficult in some Asians that have dark or sallow, yellow complexions, so they use a base that is light-green in color under the proper shade of foundation that is designed for their skin tone and texture : oily, normal or dry.. If you like your skin tone, you can skip the greenish base, but find a good foundation that matches the color of your neck, to give you a great all-over color without looking phony.

Japanese women are very careful to stay our of the sun from a very early age, to maintain that porcelain, doll-like look. Remember to use a good sunblock, at least SPF 30!

Stick to natural colors. Use a light hand on the eye make-up and use translucent pinks an reds on the lips. Use your blush just on the apples of your cheeks. Gone are the days when we draw the blush over th whole cheek bone! My best advice is for you to go to a store or company that is used to dealing with women of color ie: Shiseido, and even some other Ethnic groups..

Have fun!
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... 2006/4/18 17:34
I'm not sure what kind of peachy pink colors you're talking about, but a lot of Japanese girls in their 20s and older purchase foreign cosmetics overseas where the prices are cheaper.

Channel foundation and blush, Lancom mascara, YSL lipsticks... they're all popular and commonly used.

Japanese make-up artists often tells you that you should choose foundation that is a tone lighter than your skin. It brightens up your face. After that, I guess you just have to experiment with the various colors available.

Also, I think that make-up really makes you look different depending on where and how you put it on. For example, if you put blush "under" your cheek bone, it makes you look mature, while if you put it "on" your cheek bone, it makes you look cute. I notice that a lot of local Japanese people tend to draw circles, while oriental stars in Hollywood tend to draw everything sharp.
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thanks! 2006/4/28 09:47
Thanks for the tips!! I'll definitely have to try those techniques :)

I guess I'm just really hoping to learn makeup techniques that compliment my Asian features, and I think that Japanese girls have really gotten makeup application down to an art.

Do you know of any books or magazines that I could purchase here in the US that teach Asian girls how to put on makeup in ways most flattering to our features?

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magazines 2006/4/28 10:09

I'm wondering what your age range is or what kind of fashion you prefer. The first magazine that comes to my mind when I hear "peachy pink make-up" is "CanCam"

You can contact the publisher to prescribe this.

Kobunsha also specializes in pinkish fashion.
This is their email address.

Of course, these magazines are all in Japanese language, but when it comes to make-up, I never read them. I just learn from the photos and illustrations.
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thank you! 2006/4/28 19:59
Great suggestions!! Those magazines do have models with makeup similar to the kind of look I'm going for. :)

I'm 23, but I have a very childish looking face, so people usually think I'm around 17 or 18. My features are more round than angular, unlike a lot of models I see in magazines. I guess I would just like to know how to apply makeup in ways that enhances my "baby face" and gives me a cute yet natural look.

Thanks so much for all your help!
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fashion 2006/4/30 12:22
As for fashion, I'm pretty simple... I'd feel most comfortable wearing a pair of fitted jeans and a nice-looking shirt, or something slightly more dressy than that would be okay too. I'm not a big fan of brand names. I'd like a look that's simple and easy to apply and maintain, yet cute.

I'm so full of demands! ;)
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Thick Eyelashes Makeup 2007/8/29 07:17
Hi, I love the eye makeup of japanese girls when I visit LA. They have this thick and long black mascara that really make their eyes pop out and larger. Is there any certain Japanese brand that you can recommend for great mascara? what are the makeup tips to make them look thick and long eyelashes? Arigatou gozaimasu! :)
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Sarah 2007/8/29 10:56
A quick check on the Japanese internet gives me a ranking of;

3rd Loreal Paris Double Extention Waterproof

2nd Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Waterproof

Top Lancom Amplicils Waterproof

...which is very convincing. Also, are you sure they're not Japanese-Americans rather than Japanese coming directly from Japan? I notice that Japanese-Americans wear heavier mascara.
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flawless skin? 2007/8/29 16:38
Hi, i thought this would fit well in the make-up category. I have a lot of freckles on my face, and I know not many Japanese have freckles. I'm half Japanese and 1/8 Irish, which gives me my freckled complexion. How are freckles viewed in Japan among young girls and boys? Cute? Worth hiding? I also have a few moles on my face, but if you stand 5 feet away, I don't think my freckles are that noticeable.

One reason I'm concerned is cuz I'm trying to look as Japanese as I can to avoid the "oh, look a gaijin!" stares. I already don't get as many stares as my blonde haired friends did, but I like to keep it down to a minimum. Can you help me? Maybe with eyeliner and such... and freckles...
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... 2007/8/30 14:43
nothing?? at all?
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Miko 2007/8/30 17:15
Japanese teenagers are covered with pimples or moles or freckles or what not. In any case, if you're a Japanese teenager, it would look pretty odd to wear make up heavy enough to cover all your freckles and moles.
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. 2007/8/30 17:41
Well.. you know there are some girls that like to put on lots of make up in japan. But yea, I'm not aiming for that.
I still haven't seen any Japanese person with freckles! Maybe some moles... but not freckles. Other than that i don't have acne. But do they find freckles to be cute? And i'm just out of teenagerdom... i'm 21 and a junior in college.
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... 2007/8/30 23:21
Generally speaking, freckles are considered cute. Actually blemishes are considered ugly here.

Btw, at 21, you should stop pretending to be what you are not and just be yourself. And if you are not comfortable with your freckels, all you have to do is to find your favorite concealer.
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um 2007/8/31 01:20
ok.. thanks... i just don't like being stared at by the masses, that's all. And I do know why they do it, they're curious, but it still doesn't make me feel good.
I'm pretty happy with who I am, I just thought I could take advantage of my Japanese side and show it off more cuz really, I'm proud of my heritage. And for a gaikokujin, the idea of being considered Japanese just by being looked at feels much better than being stared at everywhere I go.
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Apply eyeliner and Mascara 2008/4/10 10:47
I really like how japanese girls apply on make up and make their eyes huge. Well only one of my eye have a crease and i really want my other eye to look bigger like those japanese girls, anyway i don't like using those eyelid glue
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How to get a japanese look 2008/7/8 07:52
I spend 4 years in Tokyo and read many magazines, here is a compilation of what I gathered:
1-japanese girls get these perfect flawless look by spending HOURS doing their make-up - well it can take you about 20 minute but you HAVE to be patient to achieve a natural result while wearing a lot of make up - its worth it though

2- first hydrate your skin to get a plump look

3- foundation: cover your face with light powder or foundation depending weather your skin is oily or dry
then cover the dark circles or pimple with a concealer. be sure to blend well with make up
shiseido the skincare cream foundation is a nice one and has some yellowish color for asian girls

4- eyebrow: be sure to have your eyebrow trimmed- shapes are available in Japan if you have the chance to go. apply powder on the inner bow and use pen for the thinner half.

user neutral -beige or pink color on both eyelid then use a slightly darker tone on the moving eyelid. Then use a black or braun pen for countouring above and lower. Make sure to have you line at the very basis of the lashes and not to thick if you don't want to look , well ...vulgar as a shibuya 109 tenant.;P. Pull up your upper eyelid with your other hand while drawing your line to achieve this result. Using a magnifying mirror also help....
apply mascara slowly from the root of the lashes, be sure not to make any flaws on your line line, otherwise, correct it.

6-cheeks - use cream color
MAC ones are great

7 lips - use a neutral color coutouring pen then use gloss or you cream cheek color for fill-up

et voila.....

Hopes it helps, dunnot hesitate to ask if you want more tips.
I have to say japanese girls are so patient, they like to do thinks perfectly. -
am not one unforntunately so sometimes I apply make up in a rush and end- up looking like a barbie doll .. :(
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make up 2008/7/9 17:02
Talking about L'Oreal(yes this is the proper spelling), here are some of the companies that they own:
. Biotherm
• The Body Shop
• Cacharel
• Diesel Perfumes
• Giorgio Armani Parfums and Cosmetics
• Guy Laroche
• Helena Rubinstein
• Kiehl's
• Lancôme
• Paloma Picasso
• Ralph Lauren
• Shu Uemura
• Victor et Rolf parfums
• Vichy
and others...
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? 2008/9/14 17:26
Light green base?

What is that?

Also if I don't have a crease (double eyelids), do you have any makeup tips?

I also am not sure if that eyelid glue thing works for me because I can't read the instructions (I'm not fluent in Japanese). It doesn't seem to work if I am doing it right.
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Lots of mascara! 2008/9/15 10:17
- Try using a lot of black mascara on both your top and bottom lashes!

- Highlight your inner corners with gold/silver/white

- Smudge dark brown eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eye and draw a thin line of black eyeliner to make your eyes pop

- Wear frosty light pink lip gloss
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