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Age limits for Shibuya O-east? 2006/4/17 09:18
Tokyo 23-ku
I'm going to be in Japan for most the month of June and I wanted to goto a few concerts but then I took note that these places had bars. So does anyone know the age restrictions for Shibuya O-East, Liquid room Ebisu, and Esaka Muse? This would help me out sooo much!

Thank you!
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.. 2006/4/17 15:52
The legal age in Japan is 20.

Enforcement is LAX, but yes there is a age limit on the books.
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age limits 2006/4/17 17:15
in my experience, the bars are fine, but most clubs these days have 'ID checks' where you need to show id to get in. You need to be over 20.
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18? 2006/4/17 22:13
Since O-East is offering jobs to those 18 yrs old or older, I assume that if you're 18 you can enter the club. In fact, I see a lot of bars and clubs limited for 18 and over, but never 20. However, you need to be 20 yrs old to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.
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hmm... 2006/6/28 15:35
So, does this mean that you can not go to see a concert at Shibuya-O East if you are below the age of 18, or you can not enter the bar area?
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Livehouse... 2007/12/30 21:00
Shibuya O-EAST and O-WEST are livehouses, aren't they? I've been there as a livehouse, but I've never been there just as a club... If you mean to see a band play then yes, you can enter even if you're under 18.
Even then, I've bought alcohol at lives before. Generally aslong as you look about 20 you'll be fine ^^; I don't in NZ, but I do here...
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