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RC car shops in Tokyo 2006/5/2 23:47
I will stay in Saitama City next week and I'm looking for RC car shops in Saitama and the Tokyo area.

Also I'm looking for shops for vintage plastic model kits.

Thank you for your help.

by Frank  

i found one 2006/5/24 16:33
on the internet. it didnt give an address but said it was in shibuya somewhere.its the biggest in tokyo.The largest hobby shop in Tokyo, it has three sections, with eight floors per section, containing some 300 000 items in all. It is perfect for anyone who likes to "do-it-yourself." Take the Hibiya line from Kamiyacho and get off at the Ebisu station to change to the JR train for Shibuya.
hope this helps.
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I found one in Akihabara 2006/5/24 20:21
Thank you Peter for the info. I will check it during my next stay in October.

I found on the internet a listing of shops in the Akihabara area:

I visted "RC-Advisor Champ Tokyo". A very good store for RC car modeller. I recommend it!
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Name of the shop? 2006/5/24 20:30
Peter, do you have the Name of the shop? Or can you give me the URL?
Thank you.
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5 in Akihabara 2006/5/28 04:42

the above has a map too to the 5 main hobby RC shops. Its worth a trip anyway just to see what the rest of the world will be buying in 5 years. I found this link looking for model shops in Niigata area. If anyone knows of any please let me know, otherwise I'll resort to mail order from Ishiimokei.

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sure 2006/6/1 16:41
the name of the shop is tokyu hands, and the rc stuff is on floor 7b. i havent been there so i cant say what its like, i found the info on a tourist site so prices might be a little high. i will be going through the akihabara rc shops soon
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tokyu hands 2006/7/12 03:41
I've been to Tokyo Hands several times in a couple of cities in Japan. It is awesome and worth a visit but not strictly a "Hobby shop". The top floor (of 8) of the Shibuya store is a hobby shop and Is pretty cool. The rest is just other cool do it yourself stuff. And all manner of other cool and fascinating stuff. You can by a rubber stamp for each of the 30,000 Japanese characters. You can buy beautiful knives and build it your self amp kits. All and all it is one of the most interesting stores I've ever been to. I will be back there next week and I am looking for a dedicated R/C shop in Shibuya were I will be staying. Were did you do the search for the shops in Akihabara. I'd like to do a search like that for Shibuya.
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Research RC model car shop in Kyoto 2006/8/13 23:22
I plane to to go to Kyoto and I'am looking for RC model car shop in this town.
If anyone knows some links or places to visit i would be interested.
Thanks in advance.
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RC shops and tracks 2007/2/28 12:25
The Akihabara one stated above would be the best. If you are in Tokyo, it's not that far to get to where ever you have to via train. I walked around Akihabara and found all the rc shops around there awesome. They are really not that far away from each other.

another track and rc shop I went to a lot was at Kichijooji in the chuo line. It's only a few stops away from Shinjuku. There is a track on the roof of Yuzuwaya and an Rc / hobby shop on the basement floor. They're worth checking out.

If you are still stuck, buy yourself an rc mag from one of the local newsagents and it has map after map of rc tracks and hobby shops.
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RC Hobby Shop in Otaru??? 2007/8/27 09:06
I'am looking for RC model shop in this town.
If anyone knows some links or places to visit i would be interested.
Thanks in advance
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rc stores in Tokyo 2008/10/8 21:04
There are 2 large Rc stores in Akihabara neighborhood. One is the RC Champ (http://www.rc-champ.co.jp/new_shop2/index_akihabara.htm). Other is the Super-Rajikon (http://www.super-rc.co.jp/tokyo.html) near the Yodobashi Camera store. Ask for the Showa Street, three blocks after Yodobashi Camera. From the akihabara station you can get the both stores walking until there.
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